Ella Does Byron Road

With Ella visiting this afternoon it was incumbent on us to put up the Christmas tree before she arrived. I thought we might have done it; but the Maintenance Department informed me that this was just a start. After lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/12/18/a-knights-tale-79-wedding-number-three/ Danni, Andy, Ella, and Jack, shortly followed by Elizabeth visited this afternoon.Continue reading “Ella Does Byron Road”

Byron Road 2021

Early this afternoon, our neighbour, Gordon, visited. We enjoyed a convivial conversation in which he expressed pleasure to hear that the article he had given me from a 1928 edition of The Mansfield and Sutton Times had appeared in my post ‘Patent Love’. Later, I scanned the next four of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations toContinue reading “Byron Road 2021”