None Of That Nonsense

Late this afternoon rain had brought abandonment to the first day of the fourth Ashes Test match, but here it was reasonably warm and sunny. Jackie, hindered by Nugget, continued planting, while I wandered around the garden. Clematis Marie Boisselot, in her third flush, has now toned down her blue rinse. Other clematises, such asContinue reading “None Of That Nonsense”

Salt Marshes

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Early this morning I walked around the garden to survey the elemental damage. The review of the situation was actually encouraging. The nicotiana and agapanthus staked up a couple of days ago have perked up; as have the white gladioli, and the surviving Priscillas in the NewContinue reading “Salt Marshes”

The Last Of The Summer Wine?

As a break from working on the garden album, I took a wander around. In the front, the tiny clematis Campaniflora quivers in the breeze, festooning the shrubs outside the window. The sepals of this plant just about span my thumbnail. In the bed opposite lies perhaps autumn’s biggest surprise. Foxgloves, we understand, flower once,Continue reading “The Last Of The Summer Wine?”

Fair Comment

Becky is producing a power-point training presentation for Mitcham’s Commonside Trust. Trawling through the web for suitable images she found one that was ideal for the point she wished to make. She was unaware of the picture’s provenance. Upon attempting to use it, she found it too large for her purposes. She returned to findContinue reading “Fair Comment”

The Green Man

Today’s weather pattern was similar to yesterday’s. I therefore delved into the archives again and came up with another black and white picture of Sam looking remarkably like his daughter Orlaith, among a collection of shots of still naked trees that must have been taken early in 1982 somewhere in Surrey. I love the contortedContinue reading “The Green Man”