Relaxed Restrictions

Late yesterday afternoon, beginning with “Where’s Nugget?” (78), Jackie produced a series of photographs. She was fascinated by the hairy borage and a spiky caterpillar masquerading as a cactus. Clematis Star of India occupies the wisteria arbour through which is framed her favourite view of the garden. Left of centre, the Chilean lantern tree wasContinue reading “Relaxed Restrictions”

Tattered Beyond Recognition

We enjoyed another day of pleasantly temperate weather. Antirrhinums are blooming throughout the garden. Clematis Marie Boisselot, now entering the third age has applied a blue rinse to her naturally white locks; the stalwart Star of India shines less bright, yet it still graces the Gothic Arch opposite the red and white of Super ElfinContinue reading “Tattered Beyond Recognition”

New Roses

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This has been a day of varied activities. This morning involved various administrative phone calls; a trip to Lymington to confirm the order and pay for Jackie’s new laptop; and a drive among the lanes around Sway. Other road users somewhat impeding our leisurely progress included aContinue reading “New Roses”

September Approaches

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Although, like this on these marigolds, a certain amount of ash remains from the North Breeze bonfire, the prevailing wind has changed and the fire much less prevalent. The mechanical digger glimpsed over the fence is levelling the now plantless next door garden. This afternoon we both tookContinue reading “September Approaches”

How Ridiculous Is That?

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. On a dry, but much duller, day we spent the morning on largely abortive outings. First we drove to New Milton for a visit to the bank, to seek a lavatory seat, and to investigate wardrobes. The bank was satisfactory, but boring. We couldn’t find a throne (slang for aContinue reading “How Ridiculous Is That?”

Dare To Dream

Deer and Rabbits were anathema to Jackie at Castle Malwood Lodge. We had to place a protective screen around her temporary garden there – the one we are gradually transporting from Walkford. She is, however, rather partial to crows, which is why one of ours, normally occupying the rooftop chimney pot, is giving her aContinue reading “Dare To Dream”