The Holly And The Ivy

  Our white sofa, being a sofa bed, is extremely heavy. In order to avoid damaging the new flooring, this morning Connor called upon Mark to help him lift it into place. Jackie ventured into the garden on this much brighter day than yesterday, announcing “I am going into the garden to photograph some loveliness.”Continue reading “The Holly And The Ivy”

Wishing All My Readers Happiness In Their Own Festive Season

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS THE ENLARGED GALLERY Much of today was spent writing Christmas cards. It therefore seemed appropriate to present this selection from my archives, from which readers can choose their own with my best wishes. In order of appearance, the three Christmas cards were designed by me aged 16, 17, andContinue reading “Wishing All My Readers Happiness In Their Own Festive Season”

Friday The Thirteenth

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Why would I go out to photograph a churchyard on such a dull day as was this one? All will become clear later in the post. Here are some of the gravestones in the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Bransgore; many ivy clad, like this oneContinue reading “Friday The Thirteenth”

The Bay Tree

On my way to continue attacking the lonicera and its companions, I made a pleasant discovery. I mentioned yesterday that the clearing of the area around the collapsed arch had revealed a red rose. This is because a pointed red bud provides a finial for the new gothic version. What I noticed today is a tiny white roseContinue reading “The Bay Tree”

Over The Fence

Knackered at the end of the day yesterday, I chose to ignore one encroachment of foliage onto the path. This hinged upon a Virginia creeper no longer adequately supported by a partially collapsed wooden arch. It was beset by one of our own expansive trees and rambling bramble. I knew, however, if I ventured into theContinue reading “Over The Fence”

An Unexpected Portrait

Yesterday, by a narrow margin, Ireland won their rugby match against France. This was an excellent contest, and secured the championship for the victors. It went down very well in the Irish evening in support of CAFOD, which we attended with Helen and Bill, Shelly and Ron. Catholic Aid For Overseas Development is an officialContinue reading “An Unexpected Portrait”

Now You See Them……..

On this cold but crisp morning, the sun only managed to penetrate the mist at midday, by which time I was home. Gone were the delicately tinted skies of yesterday, but by the time we were lunching on Jackie’s sublime chicken broth, fluffy white clouds adorned a clear blue sky. I walked directly through theContinue reading “Now You See Them……..”