The Lion Dance

Knowing that we were to celebrate the Chinese New Year this evening at The Family House in Totton, I delved into my old slide boxes and found some of a similar event taken in March 1980, just before we moved from Horse & Dolphin Yard to Gracedale Road in Furzedown, South West London. Each Chinese NewContinue reading “The Lion Dance”

Idiosyncratic Garden Design

Last night Jackie and I met Flo, Becky, and Ian in The Family House Restaurant in Totton where we dined in celebration of our granddaughter’s eighteenth birthday. We had our favourite set meal, M3, which consists of prawn cracker appetisers; starters of sesame prawn toast, chilli spare ribs, seaweed, and a sweet chilli dip; next cameContinue reading “Idiosyncratic Garden Design”

Tony and Anne, Trevor and Jan

Clearance of the future rose garden continues apace. Yesterday Jackie uprooted several unproductive fruit bushes, and this morning I removed the last of the box hedges and a photinia that had been well rooted for a few years. This latter plant required the use of a grubber axe. It had to come out because itContinue reading “Tony and Anne, Trevor and Jan”

Isle Of Wight Tomatoes

Early this morning the crow, having adopted the back of the bench as its new taking off strip, flew directly onto the top of the bird feeder, but didn’t stay. It can only scavenge from a tray in the construction, not the closed containers. Jackie is wise to that, so isn’t filling it at the moment.Continue reading “Isle Of Wight Tomatoes”

The Knocker

Soon after 6 a.m., reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’, there he was, the blackbird, ‘rapping, rapping, at my’ office window. This went on for hours this morning. Jackie is quite worried about the poor creature. Let’s hope he gets fixed up with a mate soon. When preparing for the fray he perches onContinue reading “The Knocker”

Mother’s Day

Most of the day was taken up in transporting Jackie’s garden. We had a surfeit of sisters offering lodgings for the contents described yesterday. We considered ourselves fortunate to be moving the vast number of plants that had survived the mild winter, and even more so that they were only starting to flourish and therefore not bushing out all overContinue reading “Mother’s Day”