An Arboreal Ossuary

This morning Jackie continued with her general maintenance work, including autumn cleaning the greenhouse, and clearing and resetting paths such as the Head Gardener’s Walk. My minimal intervention was the removal of brambles invading from No. 5 Downton Lane. This, and the amount of weeds piercing the gravel is somewhat reminiscent of our arrival hereContinue reading “An Arboreal Ossuary”

Summer Holidays In The Woods

In an effort to avoid the holiday traffic and the intensely hot sapping humidity of the day we set off for a forest drive at 8 a.m. Beside Ober Water which passes under Rhinefield Road ponies quietly grazed, cattle strode purposefully, cyclists and cars sped along; sunshine dappled the woodland, reflecting trees and skies onContinue reading “Summer Holidays In The Woods”

Cervine Elegance

Occasional sunny spells on a clouded morning developed into bright sunshine by the time we drove into the forest this afternoon. Jackie spent some time collecting cuttings with which to populate the greenhouse pots. The orange poppies that last just a day don’t normally emerge from the soil until spring. We have several clumps now.Continue reading “Cervine Elegance”

Lunch On The Green

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED This morning was spent helping the garden recover from the battering winds. This involved gathering up broken branches; tying up plants, like the rose Summer Wine, that had come adrift; a certain amount of watering; and preparing ground for chrysanthemums and bulbs. After lunch we deposited anotherContinue reading “Lunch On The Green”

Yesterday’s Bread

This morning I took my usual walk to Milford on Sea and back. Above The Solent, a weak sun peeked through gaps in the clouds, while on the cliff top the ever-present hooded crows trotted about. In the nature reserve squirrels avoided the muddy footpaths by leaping across them from tree to tree. Bracket fungus onContinue reading “Yesterday’s Bread”


This afternoon Jackie and I went on a house recce.  Aiming for Sway Road, Bashley, we became diverted at Wootton, on the heath of which lies the horse trough previously mentioned.  Down a roughly made up road we discovered Trefusis. For me, in particular, this timber-framed house in its tree-bound spot knocked the larger, more substantial, houseContinue reading “Colt”

Through The Window

14th September 2013 Autumn brings condensation on the inside of our windows, so once again, grinning faces, placed there, no doubt, by two mischievous little girls, peer in.  Jessica and Imogen, I wonder who that could have been? I began the day by kicking myself.  I had completely forgotten about the photographs of Jamie andContinue reading “Through The Window”

Righting The Beetle

Impersonating a man with a great deal of local knowledge as I walked through Minstead this morning to pick up my route through the two underpasses turning at the Sir Walter Tyrrell pub, there was only one visitor I was unable to direct.  One of two, that is.  Just a 50% success rate.  Not veryContinue reading “Righting The Beetle”

The Raincoat

This morning was so cold when we went for a shopping trip to Ringwood that the wind pierced four layers of clothing.  It was a relief to enter the shops.  I waited for a possible meteorological improvement until late in the afternoon, before walking the London Minstead/Bull Lane loop. There was no such luck.  IfContinue reading “The Raincoat”