This is the footpath to the centre of the Palm Bed that we cleared yesterday. On another scorching hot day we began the gardening early. My contribution was a dead heading tour, a certain amount of weeding, and a little clearing up. After lunch I scanned the next five of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to DavidContinue reading “Signage”

The Garden Wept

Hanging its head, the garden wept early this morning; to brighten later; albeit with less than entirely dry cheeks. Bees basked on sunlit blooms; as did butterflies like this Red Admiral on the lobelia. Jackie’s planting of phlox in the West Bed brought her little robin, Nugget, out in search of goodies. “Where’s Nugget?” (6)Continue reading “The Garden Wept”

Becky’s Research

After lunch I retouched two more of the scans of from 1926. Here we have Mum and Uncles Ben and Roy on the beach at Conwy. It seems to have been essential to wear one’s best clothes, which, in some instances meant school uniform complete with cap. Considering that this comes from a 5Continue reading “Becky’s Research”

Parents Must Allow Children To Be Adventurous

On another dull, overcast, morning, Jackie drove to a follow-up appointment with her knee surgeon whilst I stayed at home for a┬ávisit from Paul, the Double Glazing Doctor, who arrived on time and gave the┬ápromised, reasonable, estimate later on. The work will be done next Wednesday when the new television is to be installed. IContinue reading “Parents Must Allow Children To Be Adventurous”