Ice Cream Or Cream Tea?

Today we enjoyed lunch at Woodpeckers with Mum, Elizabeth, Danni and Ella. Three of us chose roast chicken with all the trimmings; Elizabeth went for nut roast; and some of her parents’ liquidised spaghetti bolognese found its way into Ella’s mouth. Danni’s delightful photograph demonstrates that her daughter still has to learn to feed herselfContinue reading “Ice Cream Or Cream Tea?”

The Infant Crocodile

Jackie drove me to and from New Milton today, for me to take an uneventful journey to Waterloo and back, to lunch with Norman at Tas in The Cut. Fresh pansies in the station platform planter bore remnants of last night’s rain. I approached The Cut by walking across Waterloo Road and down Alaska StreetContinue reading “The Infant Crocodile”