A Knight’s Tale (118: The Long Walk Begins)

In March 2004 my son Sam completed a solo row of the Atlantic, covering 3,000 miles in 59 days.  In doing so, at the age of 23, he became the youngest person ever to have rowed any ocean and won the solo race.  The previous summer he had taken delivery of his specially crafted boat atContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (118: The Long Walk Begins)”


On a beautifully sunny morning I aimed for the wood beyond the rape field. What, earlier in the year, when the crop was young, I had described as a brassica field, had in fact been sown with rape which has completely overgrown the public footpath. I wasn’t about to tackle that in sandals with myContinue reading “Overgrown”

An Alfresco Bath

  The red bottle brush plant, which I passed on my way to continue work on the kitchen garden, is now looking resplendent.   There are a great deal of treasures hidden in the undergrowth of today’s target area. Peeking through nettle leaves, for example, are raspberries. A blackcurrant bush bears fruit, strawberries soon will,Continue reading “An Alfresco Bath”


Early morning light on the garden was most enticing today. We have eagerly awaited the emergence of the splendid red poppies from their hairy chrysalises: The first picture in this post shows part of the brick path at the back of the house, and demonstrates its need for weeding. Following my effort with the patio two daysContinue reading “Diversions”

Along The Shingle

Jackie spent most of the day continuing the fumigation of the kitchen, the porch, and the entrance hall. She also tackled the stairs and more of the light switches, all of which need to have their original cream revealed once more. We both continued to unpack and find homes for the contents of various storage boxes, andContinue reading “Along The Shingle”