The Woman In White

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Early this morning our septic tank was cleared. This happens every eighteen months, and Jackie always feels better when it is done. Knowing we were in for a hot spell, Jackie undertook extensive watering. My tasks involved the eradication, cutting up, and bagging of niggling nettles, invasiveContinue reading “The Woman In White”

She Powdered Her Face

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today’s weather would have blessed any Summer’s day. It was warm and sunny, and Jackie and I raised a sweat as we continued weeding, planting, and lopping. I use ‘we’ loosely. I mainly tidied up after the real work. We transported the two full orange bags of cuttings toContinue reading “She Powdered Her Face”

Chocolate Surprise Pudding

Jackie drove me to New Milton today for me to begin the first stage of my journey to Nottingham to visit Louisa, Errol, Jessica, and Imogen for a couple of days. The day dawned well, and the rose Compassion flourished aloft. The next five and a half hours were spent travelling. The first leg wasContinue reading “Chocolate Surprise Pudding”


On a beautifully sunny morning I aimed for the wood beyond the rape field. What, earlier in the year, when the crop was young, I had described as a brassica field, had in fact been sown with rape which has completely overgrown the public footpath. I wasn’t about to tackle that in sandals with myContinue reading “Overgrown”

Chinese Takeaway Pie

Before collapsing into bed last night we watched episode 5 of ‘Downton Abbey’. Only 37 more to go, not counting Christmas specials. Over the festive season, the skin encasing Scooby’s stomach has become rather tight. He was off his food yesterday evening, and this morning he puked up on the kitchen floor. He perked up immediatelyContinue reading “Chinese Takeaway Pie”

The Agriframes Arch

After yesterday’s constant rain, a bright morning lent a sparkle to everything in the garden. The Compassion rose was sprinkled with raindrops; as the broad nasturtium leaves that had halted the descent of those of the birch, and petals of verbena bonarensis. This clerodendrum trichotomum had the appearance of a parasol-shaped cocktail stick bearing aContinue reading “The Agriframes Arch”

Hordle Closed Cemetery

A new discovery was made on my familiar Hordle Cliff walk this morning. An abandoned bird’s nest perched high up in the hedgerow on Downton Lane where, seduced my the mild autumn, blackberry blossom still blooms, and lichen blends with the gorse. Roger was out with his tractor bearing new attachments, the purpose of whichContinue reading “Hordle Closed Cemetery”

The Perfect Camouflage

This morning our plants enjoyed some welcome rain; I identified, scanned, and retouched twenty black and white negatives from my unsorted collection; and Jackie shopped for and prepared our evening meal. When, on 24th October last year I visited the site of Rodin’s Burghers of Calais, I mentioned some missing prints I had made inContinue reading “The Perfect Camouflage”