Come Along With Me

A north wind gusting at 25+ m.p.h. took the heat out of a gloriously sunny morning. Early on there was a distinct, or should I say, indistinct, flurry of activity around the bird table, particularly as the parent starlings were feeding themselves for a change. These shots were taken through the window because I didn’t wantContinue reading “Come Along With Me”

I Guess I Will Never Know

Becky has pointed out that Jackie’s hand is reflected in the eye of the donkey in ‘Close Encounters Of The Asinine Kind’. I have added a postscript to this effect. We are doing our best to learn the myriad of bird calls we hear in the garden. When they are all sounding at once itContinue reading “I Guess I Will Never Know”

Our Christmas Fairy

Our fairy helper was very busy overnight, embellishing every corner of the house with Christmas decorations. Here is a selection: One string above the photograph of Flo on the sitting room wall is particularly pertinent to the season. Beginning with our granddaughter’s first conscious Christmas Jackie, for a number of years, produced an annual fairy dress for her. This,Continue reading “Our Christmas Fairy”

I’ve Found A Young Man

I am now entertained by natural sounds throughout the day.  The swarm of little birds, far too quick for me to identify even if I knew how, spend the day chattering in the cascading clusters of ivy on the back garden wall.  The lower, urgent, mating calls of woodpigeons offer intermittent variation.  After nightfall, theContinue reading “I’ve Found A Young Man”