It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Here are some of the fruits of Jackie’s recent and past creative labours in the garden: Helen and Bill gave us this box for Christmas. It has now been filled with plants and placed  on the wall surrounding the recently converted compost heap, providing a signal to visitors that they have come up the correct back drive.Continue reading “It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed”

The Day Of The Triffids

Yesterday evening, the head gardener put me right on red hot pokers. As she read my post for that day she pointed out that the plants I had erroneously given this term are actually Lords and Ladies, which are the berries of an insignificant variety of arum lily. We have both emerging in the garden. I think IContinue reading “The Day Of The Triffids”

Nearly There

The only bathroom cabinet in the house capable of containing anything useful to ablutions was in the downstairs loo, where it was probably superfluous to requirements. It was so positioned that, I have it on good authority, when rising from the lavatory seat one was likely to hit one’s head on the bottom corner. We tookContinue reading “Nearly There”

A Severed Thread

I learned something new this morning.  Some of Jackie’s marigolds are covered in blackfly.  Underneath the next pot is an ants’ nest.  She tells me the ants plant the flies onto the flowers.  The farmed slaves then produce a sugary substance for the industrious insects’ sustenance. Beautiful scented lilies are now in bloom, blending their aromaContinue reading “A Severed Thread”

The Ladybird

It was all go at Castle Malwood Lodge this morning.  Virtually simultaneously we were descended upon by Autoglass to replace the windscreen; by someone else to fix the intercom system, including ours and Steve’s at number eight who had left his keys with us; and by a surveyor to inspect what I think is imperceptibleContinue reading “The Ladybird”

A Dog’s Life

After opening a range of presents this, my seventy first birthday, morning I went on a long walk with Matthew and Oddie.  Elizabeth and Louisa at different points telephoned with greetings, so I was a little distracted from guiding Matthew on the walk.  The result was that we walked up to Stoney Cross where aContinue reading “A Dog’s Life”

Mare’s Tails

On the train yesterday, with Kenneth O. Morgan’s ‘The Twentieth Century’, I finished reading ‘The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain’ in the 1992 edition.  Ten university historians have each contributed a section in their particular field, from Roman times to 1991.  Written for the layperson it does neverless assume a certain amount of prior knowledge, theContinue reading “Mare’s Tails”