ALL IMAGES CAN BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM; THE SMALLER IMAGES GIVE ACCESS TO  LARGER GALLERIES. Today, I scanned another batch of black and white negatives from 1985. Here is a view of the garden of the gite, where Jessica basked in the evening sun. Here Matthew introduces Sam and Louisa to farmyardContinue reading “Blackberrying”

A Cock-Fight

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. On another hot day with a glorious cloudless blue sky, Jackie and I spent the morning shopping for birthday presents for Shelly and for Poppy. First stop was Otter Nurseries where we bought a couple of skimmias for Jackie’s sister, and two interesting new bronzed rudbeckias forContinue reading “A Cock-Fight”

Shopping Early For Christmas

Today I walked straight across Running Hill at the end of Lower Drive into the forest.  The terrain dropped sharply and I was soon careering down the steeply undulating land, dodging trees above and around me, snapping fallen branches and rustling last autumn’s leaves underfoot, and listening to the roar of the A31. Eventually theContinue reading “Shopping Early For Christmas”

The Drain

Setting off in the steady rain that passes for summer 2012, for Wimbledon Station en route to Waterloo to meet my friend Tony, I realised I had left my camera behind.  Ever the optimist, I went back for it.  The owners of the agapanthus in Maycross Avenue had no fear of a hosepipe ban, butContinue reading “The Drain”