A Knight’s Tale (48: The Housing Market)

In those days I was able to buy our first house together for ¬£5,000. It is not just inflation that has meant that the, albeit refurbished, house sold for ¬£1,200,000 earlier this year. In 1968, 76 Amity Grove was a small semi-detached three-bedroomed Victorian house with one bathroom and combined WC added through a doorContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (48: The Housing Market)”

Imperial Knob Screws

The garden was looking very inviting today, blossom, such as apple and ornamental¬†cherry abounding, but the house itself remains a priority for our attention. Flo is coming a day earlier, so we set out early to B & Q, the national DIY company originally set up by Messrs Block & Quayle in Southampton in 1969.Continue reading “Imperial Knob Screws”