“That’s What Having A Horrible Daughter is Like”

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. We spent the morning on garden maintenance tasks. Jackie, with minimal assistance from me, retrained the Wedding Day rose on the Agriframes arch. We then reversed the process in that The Head Gardener weeded a route through to the red Japanese maple that was looking very poorly, ifContinue reading ““That’s What Having A Horrible Daughter is Like””

Sole Survivor

Yesterday’s mid-day meal at Le Code Bar consisted of a noodle soup, ham salad, and plentiful roast chicken and chips followed by a Paris-Brest dessert, of which a welcome second helping was, with a smile, placed on my table by Fred as I worked on my blog post. Later, I watched Prime Suspect Two. TheContinue reading “Sole Survivor”