“Not Much Room For Mushrooms”

Shortly after dawn this morning the sun, rising in the east, began to light the tips of the garden trees. These views from the back bedroom windows particularly highlight the sweet smelling cordyline Australis; the blossoming eucalyptus; the yellow bottle brush plant; the Wedding Day rose draped over the Agriframes Arch; and pink pelargoniums. FromContinue reading ““Not Much Room For Mushrooms””

“That’s What Having A Horrible Daughter is Like”

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. We spent the morning on garden maintenance tasks. Jackie, with minimal assistance from me, retrained the Wedding Day rose on the Agriframes arch. We then reversed the process in that The Head Gardener weeded a route through to the red Japanese maple that was looking very poorly, ifContinue reading ““That’s What Having A Horrible Daughter is Like””