Waiting For A Table

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today, Jackie drove us to Frances’s home in Wroughton, near Swindon and back. We sat and talked in her garden, where her trug and its contents had clearly been put to good use.  Prospect Hospice where Chris died two years ago, has a Bluebell Walk which is undergoingContinue reading “Waiting For A Table”

40+ MPH

Unless I am seeking good light for photography, I am fairly impervious to the weather. Not so the head gardener. Jackie is usually very even tempered. Except when we have a heavy wind (or another driver is ‘up [her] bottom’ on the road). Then she wanders around the house muttering imprecations, before dashing out into the gardenContinue reading “40+ MPH”

Sharing A Meal

When we arrived in Downton on 31st March last year, clumps of large leaves were present in the front garden. Following our policy of giving unrecognised plants time to make themselves known, we refrained from disturbing them. These produced nothing more until now. We don’t know what they are. Does anyone? The holly leaf in theContinue reading “Sharing A Meal”

A Dusting Of Snow

Hampshire, this morning, enjoyed its first what the BBC News called ‘a dusting of snow’. Unfortunately, although Jackie and I are both feeling a little better today, I am still not well enough to get dressed and go outside. I aimed my camera through the glass of the kitchen window. Small birds can be seenContinue reading “A Dusting Of Snow”

Have I Simply Gone Mad?

A robin and a blue tit saw off a nuthatch from the bird station.  Really it was the robin who did the business, the tit being like the little kid who eggs on the bully to snatch some of the glory.  The robin then stood guard, looking threatening, while the tit, knowing he didn’t belongContinue reading “Have I Simply Gone Mad?”