Guarding The Nest

During a suitable break in the showers this morning I focussed on the refreshed flora in somewhat bedraggled bees in the garden. Examples are antirrhinums and foxgloves; Several bees, in their waterproofs, can be seen among these roses, petunias, geraniums, rhododendrons, poppies, and bottle brush plants. Danni and Ella came to lunch bearing a packetContinue reading “Guarding The Nest”

Morning And Evening Light

In the early morning light this morning, carrying the camera, I walked to the far end of the back drive to open the gate for Aaron. The peach rose we inherited beside the patio is producing more blooms. Just one example of Jackie’s splendid planting in that area includes petunias, cosmoses, clematis, fuchsia, begonias, andContinue reading “Morning And Evening Light”

A Glimpse Of What’s Been Happening

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT. A combination of my own slumbering stupor and a hot, humid, largely overcast, day presaging the predicted thunderstorm caused me to doze the day away. Jackie, however, prepared Mum’s perchingContinue reading “A Glimpse Of What’s Been Happening”

April Showers

April showers in December? Someone’s having a laugh. Perhaps it’s this hebe; the viburnum bodnantense Dawn; roses like Crown Princess Margarete, bowing her head to keep her face dry, or this Pink carpet rose ripe for dead-heading; violas, primulas, or geraniums. I obliged with dead-heading many of the roses. This evening we dined on Jackie’s deliciousContinue reading “April Showers”

Flaunting Longevity

This morning, before the afternoon wind got up and rain came down, Jackie and I weeded and removed more leaves from the rose garden, in readiness for the application of compost. We still have flowering snapdragons and geraniums, whilst winter cyclamens emerge from hibernation. The pink rose stands sentinel on the Oval Bed, and, showing signsContinue reading “Flaunting Longevity”

The Beach Fortress

This morning Jackie drove me to Molly’s Den and left me there to hunt for a birthday present for her, whilst she carried out various other errands. I didn’t find anything satisfactory, but the journey was worth the excellent brunch that the antiques and bric-brac centre provided.  Mine was, as you would expect, a fry-upContinue reading “The Beach Fortress”

Far More Insulting Than Two

This morning more drops of precipitation bestowed magnifying lenses upon the burgeoning bottle brush plants and poppies; and upon the fully grown pink geraniums. After lunch we drove to Milford Sand & Ballast to buy three more bags of cement for Aaron’s work on Sunday. When, yesterday, I embarked on yet another series of photographs with whichContinue reading “Far More Insulting Than Two”

Let There Be Light

Jackie may have defeated the crow, but my suggestion that the squirrel baffle could be surplus to requirements was premature. This morning one of these bushy-tailed rodents climbed the central pole of the bird feeder, failed to circumvent the large concave upturned bowl designed to prevent it from nicking the avian fodder, sat on the grass, scratchedContinue reading “Let There Be Light”