Puttles Bridge

Today was mostly bright, sunny, and dry, except for a shower or two this morning.

While Jackie filled the bird feeders she met and photographed Eric the Pheasant who has returned for his annual visit to announce he has once again evaded the seasonal guns. We know it is Eric because he amuses himself chucking the Head Gardener’s rows of ornamental shells in all directions.

Later we visited New Milton Post Office to send off a card, then Milford on Sea pharmacy for a repeat prescription, and into the forest for a drive.

En route to Milford strong sunlight set the Solent sparkling and

silhouetted walkers on the coastal promenade.

Similarly silhouetted were moored boats and

a gentleman encouraging his dog to take a bath at Keyhaven harbour

where the parking area now reflected pedestrians. Jackie waited patiently for these two to pass in order to avoid spray-showering them.

A pair of swans investigated the tidal shore-side waters. The second two photographs are Jackie’s.

A steady jogger ran down Lymore Lane.

We stopped at Puttles Bridge over Ober Water which was now bordered by reflective pools.

Jackie photographed me making my way to the bridge,


taking some of my own pictures,

and walking across for more.

The fast flowing stream reflected still skeletal oaks, cerulean skies, and scudding clouds.

Stirred by rocky bends, bubbling surface water sped upstream, clearly revealing the gravel bed.

Not so clear was the mud coloured liquid in the shallower pools lined by last year’s oak leaves, now nurturing bright green weed.

I wandered off piste to picture a grazing pony;

a shadow-strewn path;

roots exposed by the erosive action of the waters;


further reflections;

and a friendly family group.

Our first wedding was 52 years ago today. After a somewhat lengthy hiatus we enjoyed a second in 2017. This evening we are off to The Family House Chinese restaurant in Totton where will partake of our favourite set meal while drinking Tsing Tao beer.


  1. SUCH a marvellous array of photographs that it is difficult to pick a favourite. Instead I smiled at you sending off a card – at least you can be sure it will arrive at its destination: few people use our postal services here these days, preferring to pay more for a privately run (and far more efficient) service; I loved seeing the pheasant in your garden – very special that must be – and delighted in the rest. A real bonus this post has been.

  2. How wonderful to have two anniversaries to celebrate! Wishing you both a lovely evening.

    When I got to the puddles I had to scroll back up to the top to see if you’d titled this ‘Clear As Mud’.

  3. Happy Anniversary you two!! How wonderful 2 of my favorite people together that long!! This is what makes the internet so great – meeting people like you!!

  4. I love the animal creatures that often visit your gardens. I love that you still send cards as well I mailed off a stack today it is such a thoughtful simple gift to brighten up someone’s day.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Jackie and Derrick!!! <3 πŸ₯‚ πŸŽ‰ <3
    Celebrate each other and your love!!! πŸ™‚
    I will do something today to celebrate you two, too! πŸ™‚
    All of your photos today are so beautiful! You are a wonderful photo-taking duo…duet…pair…twosome!!! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚
    (I was gonna' give each of you 52 hugs, but that might wear us all out! Ha! πŸ˜€ )

  6. Beautiful photography of gorgeous scenes. So different from my Montana landscape! Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad you two were blessed to reconnect and enjoy rekindled love in your golden years! God bless you!

  7. Always fun to see what you see over there–that area is full of nature’s offerings–thanks.
    And good to know that someone else married then took a break, then remarried–congrats to you both, and blessings for many more good years.

  8. I was pleased to see Eric again.We used to have a visiting pigeon that did exactly the same as Eric with the pebbles on the patio outside my downstairs guest room.
    Your photographs are lovely and I am so envious of the coast, I’m longing for the weather to improve so I can drive the seventy something miles east and absorb the sea air.

    Congratulations to you both, thank goodness for Matthew’s’s 40th birthday.

  9. What a lovely way to celebrate a special day! All of the water photos are lovely; stirring in a little sunlight always helps. I noticed you described the skies as ‘cerulean’ — I believe I remember that from another recent post. How nice. Two days of cerulean skies may not equal a second wedding, but they’re still very nice.

  10. So many fabulous photos in this Derrick. I love the light on the Solent, the leaping dog, and the little girl in the woods. Happy anniversary. “But we are older,/ I to love/ and you to be loved,/ we have/ no matter how/ by our wills survived/ to keep/ the jeweled prize/ always/ at our fingertips./ We will it so/ and so it is/ past all accident.” ( from The Ivy Crown, William Carlos Williams)

  11. Happy First Anniversary! The bridge is very special, like the bridge that led to your second anniversary! Enchanting photos. Cheers to you and to Eric the Pheasant. πŸ™‚

  12. Happy 52nd First Anniversary, Derrick and Jackie! I enjoyed the photos from your day, and congratulations are in order to Eric The Pheasant. πŸ™‚

  13. Your photos are beautiful Derrick from the opening ones that made me smile to the silhouettes and you traipsing around. Thanks as always for a glance into your world and a big congratulations to you both as well.

  14. Some very beautiful photography and enchanting tour. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your anniversary. That is a very long time and heartwarming to note. I must say Jackie is very considerate. Most drivers would just drive along not caring.

  15. I kept getting interrupted yesterday when I tried to read this, but my husband was impressed with Eric the Pheasant. I love that you have so many birds you recognize and have named.
    Like others, I can’t pick out a favorite photo because there are so many, but I did enjoy the Puttles Bridge series, including Jackie’s photos of you.
    Happy Anniversary to both of you! It’s wonderful you found each other again!

  16. Such a sparkling and reflective day you had yesterday; just the day for an anniversary! Congratulations to you both!
    I love the silhouetted dog leaping into the water but in fact the whole post is full of gorgeous photos from both of you!

  17. Happy, happy anniversary! I, too, loved the silhouetted dog leaping into the water. But what made me happiest was the fact that Eric escaped the hunters. Yay, Eric!

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