Rugs Still Required

Belying the cold wind which did not lessen until late afternoon, the such shone between fast moving fluffy cotton clouds. A brief garden survey revealed a few broken plant stems and one smashed owl. We decided to return to the clearance work tomorrow, and go out for a drive after lunch.

Martin from Crestwood flooring visited this morning to take measurements for our next refurbishment project. I then began drafting Danni’s guest post, ‘Ella And The Bin Men’ which I posted before we went out.

We began our trip at Milford on Sea where the waves were very choppy and the wind,

against which Jackie photographed me battling, blustering fiercely.

While the Assistant Photographer was intent on catching me with gulls, I aimed to catch them frolicking on the thermals,

after which they would bask and blink in the warmth of the car park tarmac.

Across the Solent the cliffs of the Isle of Wight were in clear view, and gorse on our side tumbled down the ever-eroding cliffs beneath which painted beech huts nestled.

Small groups walked along the promenade and couples played bowls.

Just as we were leaving, Jackie photographed an oil rig far out to sea.

We turned inland and drove past roofers at perilous work along Barton Court Road.

On the Norley Wood end of Burley Road a garden encampment seemed to have taken a buffeting.

I disembarked at Braggers Lane to focus on

landscapes on both sides.

Gnarly shadows sprawled along the verges; a recently ripped branch stretched across the sward.

Riding horses occupying a field on my left still wore rugs during this period when the night temperatures are still close to zero centigrade.

Cattle on the other side lay down in a line, keeping the grass warm.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s hot and spicy lamb jalfrezi and pilau rice with which I drank more of the Fleurie. These pots contain enough for a good five meals.


  1. Such a wide variety today of wonderful photos today. I’m glad you didn’t have much wind damage and that you were able to get out and treat us to the sights.
    Dinner looks delicious.

  2. Such a varied day, with some stunning photos –
    I love Jackie’s shots of you braving the wind, and your resulting gull images are beautiful.
    Where does Jackie find time, in such a full day, to also be a domestic goddess?!
    – You are both an inspiration 🙂

    1. Thank you so much from us both, Emma. Jackie spent the whole morning on that meal, which will do us for a good five sittings – economy of scale, I guess you’d say.

  3. That looks windy! And it’s definitely not a good day to be a roofer. 🙂

    Meanwhile, nice to see a sward, I’m not sure when I last saw a sward, possibly in Tom Jones or Tristram Shandy. Ah, the memories…

  4. I can practically feel the wind from Jackie’s photos of you. Lovely close ups of the gulls, Derrick. That dinner looks amazing! I make Jackie’s chicken jalfrezi several times a year, but have never tried lamb.

  5. Throughout Covid I have gone out a fair bit because where I live it’s just been easy to, so I haven’t felt too trapped. But looking at your photos, I gain that ‘out’ experience I would if I were trapped, and also that feeling of loving a country I am so far away from. Thank you. You always post such good photos. I normally see them on my phone and stupidly it doesn’t let me comment but I always look at them. They make me so happy. I like the one of you shooting a pic. Such a suave photographer! These are delightful, as so many are. Thank you for always inspiring me with things that matter. I wish to live a life nearly as rich as yours – for your heart is enormous and beautiful

    1. Thank you for these wonderful comments, Candy. I had wondered whether you were having similar problems to mine on your posts. I still don’t know whether you get them all, although the new layout has shown one or two. X

  6. I enjoyed your guest post a lot. You had a very clear day and both you and the assistant photographer took good advantage of the light.

  7. I enjoyed the trip along the sea and countryside, Derrick and Jackie! I can tell how cool it is based on all the rugs and jackets in those photos. Your nights still sound much colder than ours are now.

  8. I love Jackie’s photos of the head photographer with the blue sky and sense of adventure. In the first one, you seem to be scoping things out. The second is my favorite with your determined stance, doing what you love.

    1. Thank you so much from us both, JoAnna. I think I was on the way back to the car in that one, probably deciding which short slope to the parking spot to try 🙂

  9. I love the colors in “Cliffs of Isle of Wight, The Solent”! I think my next outing with my husband will have to be east to the sea instead of west the mountains.

  10. Glad that the wind didn’t do too much damage, but I am sorry about Jackie’s owl. Leftovers, especially with so much to do in the garden, are always a great idea.

  11. Those are engrossing photographs. You have been well captured well along with the gulls, clouds and the sea -quite a classic. People and candid shots clamour for attention.

  12. A beautiful day…even with the wind whipping through your hair…and such beautiful photos!
    Lovely to see Chef Jackie’s delicious meal simmering away.

  13. AAh, beautiful pics Derrick….
    And to end a cold day with the warmth of spices….Jalfrezi looks delicious. 🙂

          1. Yes….exactly why that popped into my head….sorry for the stereotyping. 😉 🙂
            I remember reading this article a while ago. I enjoyed reading it back then. 🙂 🙂 Lookibg forward to many more culinary pics and escapades….. 🙂

  14. Lots to ponder in this post including the making of “5 meals” — I too have got back to thinking I need a supply of at least some meat/veg but not quite as adventurous as yourselves.

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