No Intention Of Budging

This morning I posted

This afternoon we took Jessie on a forest drive.

I stepped out on Rhinefield Road and wandered among the autumnal woodland.

Ponies at Mockbeggar basked and dozed on the green, ignoring flies;

one, claiming its right of way on the road, forced traffic, including cyclists, to take a wide berth. It had no intention of budging.

As we drove down Roger Penny Way another equine string stampeded from one side of the moorland to the other. Motorists who had not anticipated the unusually active ponies dashing across the road sped past us and screamed to a halt in order to avoid denting their vehicles.

A young female scarecrow waited beside a telephone box just outside Lyndhurst.

This evening we dined at Lal Quilla where my main course was Chicken Jaljala; Jessie’s was Butter Chicken; and Jackie’s Hariali Chicken. We shared Bombay Aloo, pilau rice, and a plain Naan. The ladies each had ice creams. Jackie and I drank Kingfisher and Jessie drank Diet Coke.


    1. Thanks very much, Sue.. She had a scare yesterday when her nephew texted that he had contracted Covid – just after she had had lunch with him. Fortunately we have some test kits and she tested negative. The young man is not too seriously ill.

      1. Iā€™m glad her nephew is not too poorly and am pleased that Jessie tested negative; a big relief all round I should imagine.

  1. That horse is incredibly stubborn, making its point that it does not like cars! So many flies on it too, poor baby. Beautiful photos, Derrick! ā¤ļø??

  2. I found your photo of “Pony in Traffic” intriguing Derrick … you captured three different eras of transport in the one frame … horse, cycle, and motorcar …

  3. In some of those images, iridescent leaves enliven the scenery. Their shadows too, are printed like artwork on a trunk in one beautiful canvas. Crawling boughs hint at some business unknown to humans. Ponies seem to have a conscience coursing a different trajectory. The scarecrow seems to beckon to an old manner of living. It was all a wonderful morning refresher.

  4. Your forest photos are always some of my faves!
    Love the backlit beech leaves! The mossy roots and dappled trunk are lovely photos, too!
    Eek! That fallen branch looks like a rather large snake! šŸ˜®
    So glad Jessie is still enjoying time with you and Jackie! šŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) šŸ™‚

  5. Really enjoyed your photos. Fun to see them in 3-D! You & Jackie are such gracious hosts. I can imagine those motorists raging ahead unknowingly and having to come to a screeching halt! Silly folks!

  6. Love the scarecrows. Are the telephone boxes still operational or are they more decorative than anything? We have a few payphones here but they are few and far between. I don’t think we have any phone booths left.

  7. So many beautiful forest and autumnal scenes. Lovely scarecrow, too! Jessie must be having a wonderful visit. The pony ignoring the cars and cycles and the pony stampede are amazing. I’m glad the cars did stop in time!

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