After Storm Eunice

By lunchtime the storm winds had dropped considerably, cotton clouds drifted across a bright, clear sky, and the sun maintained a presence.

There is still no sign of power returning to Pilley. We accompanied Elizabeth to her home in order for her to gather up and leave out her rubbish for tomorrow’s collection, and the three of us continued further into the forest.

A pair of ponies occupied a field beside Undershore. As always I needed to be quick to picture the animals in their environment, because as soon as they see me they trot over to ask for treats.

While Elizabeth set about her rubbish we photographed her house and garden. This first gallery is by Jackie;

I focussed on her felled fence, the sheepfold opposite and raucous rooks against the sky.

We each pictured picotee-edged camellias. Jackie’s is the first image.

Our next stop was at Ran’s Wood where Elizabeth and I photographed ponies. The final image in this gallery is one of my sister’s showing the chestnut pony returning from the stream where it had slaked its thirst.

We both photographed the woodland. The last four of these images are Elizabeth’s, the final one being in the form of an owl as a tribute to Jackie,

who added her own group to the mix. The second picture is “Where’s Derrick (7)”.

Elizabeth also photographed the stream,

and, as we left Furzey Lane, a cockerel weather vane.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s sausages in red wine; creamy mashed potatoes; and crunchy carrots and cauliflower with tender leaves of the latter, with which the Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while Elizabeth and I drank Stefano di Blasi Toscana 2019.


  1. Looks like everyone is making the best of the storm situation. It doesn’t appear Elizabeth has had too much damage, eh?
    You know I love my ponies!!

  2. I see Derrick in the 8th from the bottom last photo. It looks like you were a bit lost or is Jackie keeping a close eye on you? So please Elizabeth house is OK. That’s a semi-detached isn’t it?
    Lovely ponies.

  3. Lovely photos as always! Your sister’s home looks very much like many homes over here. I’m glad that the storm has moved on. Our Midwest is getting another snowstorm very soon, it’s been a very snowy and bitter winter for them up there.

  4. I love Elizabeth’s green house with the greenhouse and the green lawn… sorry about the felled fence. That scabby old tree caught my attention – and I was relieved to see that it was a stump. If it was a tree I was fearing it would not be long for this world! As always, love the pony pictures … and enjoyed knowing you and Elizabeth both enjoyed the Stefano di Blasi Toscana. Bob & I would have chosen that, too!

  5. So many beautiful photos by all of you! I can’t pick a favorite, but the first ponies in the field photo caught my eye–such a lovely, pastoral scene. And the cockerel weather vane is quite dramatic. Was it Elizabeth that you went house shopping with at one point? It doesn’t look she had too much damage.

    1. Yes, it was Elizabeth’s house we helped find, Merril. We are all touched that you remember. That pastoral scene changed as soon as I got out of the car and the ponies began descending towards me 🙂 Thanks very much.

  6. Great photos by all 3 of you! YAY for cotton clouds, blue sky, and the sun! 🙂 So glad things have calmed down and pick up and repair can begin where needed.
    Speaking of where…well, if you had green hair and a brown coat we’d never find you, Derrick! Where, indeed! 😉 HA! 😀
    Wonderful textures in the woodland photos and I love Nature’s Owl Stump!
    My fave photo is Jackie’s Oak and Fallen Branches photo!
    (((HUGS))) to all of you!!!

  7. As someone who has endured many power outages, I feel for Jackie. So wonderful she can stay with you. And the family who takes pictures together…gets beautiful photos!

  8. I laughed at the rooster weather vane. He looks as though he might have been spending a wee too much time in the pub — he seems to have a bit of a beer belly!

  9. So troublesome … as it was on this side of the Atlantic. Hoping Elizabeth gets her power back soon!
    P.s. we have a generator because it’s so expected to lose power. Power lines are mostly above ground!

  10. A very interesting batch of photos by a talented family of photographers! I always love the shaggy ponies, and the tree bark is intriguing. The owl stump could also be an angel… and angel owl. Glad the weather is calmer, and all are safe.

  11. Sausages always go well after a major storm. And what a storm it was based on the news accounts and pictures. Glad to see that you’re in good shape.

  12. I love the ponies, too! So they see you as a source of treats and come running? 🙂

    It seems like the damage from that storm was rather extensive, and will take a while to clean up. I hope your sister’s power comes back on soon, and that you are all spared from another storm of that magnitude. We are seeing more extreme weather here, too. It is summer’s heat and drought I dread now.

  13. The troika of storms seems to have set back Pilley to pre-Edison times. But the triumvirs of photography have seized up the opportunity to capture the knotty woodland in rather interesting presentations along with its equine roamers. I could see Derrick in the crosshairs positioned in the middle horizontally and one third to the left vertically.

  14. Beautiful images! It’s so wonderful that Elizabeth also fits into the walking and photographing with you and Jackie. what a team! Glad you got back to Elizabeth’s. I was worried about her fridge, but figure that’s been taken care of.

  15. The combination of a red jacket and white hair makes you stand out even without enlarging the photo, Derrick. Jackie is “The Lady of the Camelias,” albeit pink, rather than red and white, and Elizabeth takes great photos of ponies, especially the chestnut one.

  16. Those camellias and ponies are so beautiful! Gorgeous photos from all of you! Luckily you had a quite colorful jacket otherwise would have been difficult to spot you ?

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