First Frost Of The Year

After the overnight frost we scraped ice of the the car windows soon after 11 a.m. and ventured out into the cold forest’s sunlit chill.

A five barred gate cast its shadows among golden brown autumn leaves, some of which brushed my head on their descent to the verge of

South Sway Road.

Wootton moorland’s milk-white mantle was streaked with silver

coating leaves, ferns, and grasses.

A pointillist’s brush had stippled the still lingering leaves.

Although traces of ice still continued to cloud the surfaces of neighbouring potholes the rippling stream at Wootton Bridge freely flowed.

This evening we enjoyed second helpings of yesterday’s Red Chilli takeaway.


  1. As we would say in Maine, that was some frost. To my recollection, we don’t get frost like that around here. By 11:00, it would have melted from the windshield. Now snow, on the other hand…

  2. Lovely images that show the cold spell very well indeed.
    That frost of yours certainly lingered. We woke up to a covering first thing but then the sun arrived and the frost disappeared long before eleven.

    1. Chuckle. So you put on a bit of insulation, apparently! It is still cold enough at night here in the NE of Victoria for a doona! But, I’ll take that over the 40+ stuff they’re getting up north.

      1. And my auntie kept writing to tell me to eat up to keep the cold out! LOL. I’d gone around Europe living on cheese and bread, never realising the calorie content.

        Still not warm enough here yet either. But never doona weather on the coast.

          1. That made me laugh because I had been reading stone as a small rock, not a unit of weight! I was thinking – what? Does Australia have something like the Rosetta stone? Why wasn’t I told???

  3. An icy morning is always a perfect day for chili. By the way, I live in a suburb of Rochester, NY, a town named Brighton. There are several towns bordering the city and one is named ‘Chili’ but it’s pronounced ‘chy ly’. Took me awhile to get used to it when we moved here.

  4. We have the humidity for a frost like yours, but unfortunately we have about forty degrees too many; we’ll have to make do with fog. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy these photos of yours. They’re enticing as can be.

  5. I think your pointillist was at work on the water too 🙂 I enjoy seeing photographs of frost as we very seldom experience it here – other than perhaps frosted playing fields around the schools in the valley below.

  6. Lovely photos! The frost always decorates so beautifully! Almost other-worldly in it’s silvery artistic designs and textures! 🙂
    Jack Frost is nippin’ at our noses here, too. And Mr. Fog has been hangin’ around in the mornings. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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