Pauline’s Lightcatcher In Its Rightful Place

On a dull day we – mostly Jackie – spent time returning the kitchen to normal. Mrs Knight had washed, ironed, and now rehung the curtains. The glasses cupboard had its doors reinstalled and its contents brought back in from the library. The table returned to its normal position. A number of bloggers, including us,Continue reading “Pauline’s Lightcatcher In Its Rightful Place”

Redecoration Completed

While Nick Hayter continued with his transformation of our kitchen, I printed him a set of pictures of his progress “on the job”, including this one demonstrating his mask-less cutting-in skill produced this morning. Downton Service Station had already provided our Modus with a new clutch and handbrake by 10 a.m., so we happily collectedContinue reading “Redecoration Completed”

I Did As I Was Told

Today Nick Hayter continued turning our kitchen into a magazine-worthy product such as it can never have been since the house was built. In the meantime I scanned another batch of colour slides from Highgate West cemetery, mostly from September 2008. The bluebells in this image including the gravestone of Henry and Eric Holgate, suggestContinue reading “I Did As I Was Told”

A Happy Announcement

This morning, while Nick continued brightening up the kitchen, Jackie helped the ailing Modus to Downton Service Station. Unsurprisingly the diagnosis, which was delivered later, was the need for a new clutch. It is hoped that we will receive it back by the weekend. This afternoon, having reached the 3/4 point of Charles Dickens’s ‘LittleContinue reading “A Happy Announcement”

Splashed Stalactites

This morning Nick Hayter performed more painstaking preparation work on our kitchen. Apart from exemplary decorating he exhibits enviable flexibility. An Antipodean friend, in order the more safely to transport some important paperwork to another part of the UK, e-mailed the documents to me to print out and post in snail mail. This mission wasContinue reading “Splashed Stalactites”

Fine Floury Precipitation

This morning, while Nick Hayter continued decorating our kitchen after Barry had repaired the leaking roof, I watched the fourth day’s play of the Test match between India and England at Chennai broadcast on Channel 4. This afternoon we drove to Grove Pharmacy at Christchurch Hospital for Jackie’s first Covid-19 vaccination. Her procedure was evenContinue reading “Fine Floury Precipitation”

“You Have To Get The Ball Over That Line By Throwing It Backwards”

Here is the post I didn’t have time for yesterday, featuring the Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Ireland. The primary aim of a game of rugby is to score as many tries as possible by grounding the ball on the opposite side of the opponents’ goal line. The try notches up 5 points.Continue reading ““You Have To Get The Ball Over That Line By Throwing It Backwards””

A Game Of Their Own

I spent the morning watching the Channel 4 coverage of third day of the current Test Match between India and England in Chenai; and the afternoon watching BBC’s broadcast of the Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Ireland in Cardiff. The Indian weather was hot and humid; the Welsh much cooler. Covid has preventedContinue reading “A Game Of Their Own”

Primroses For Tootlepedal

This morning I watched most of the second day’s play of the current cricket Test Match between England and Indian Channel 4. During the afternoon and early evening it was the turn of ITV’s coverage of the Six Nations rugby internationals between Italy and France; and between England and Scotland. I am so grateful toContinue reading “Primroses For Tootlepedal”

A Plethora Of Snowdrops

Before Jackie discovered that, for the first time in 15 years, we can now view Test Matches live on free to air terrestrial television I listened to the first day of the England v India match on BBC sport. I watched the last couple of overs on Channel 4. This morning I took advantage ofContinue reading “A Plethora Of Snowdrops”