A Knight’s Tale (140: We Meet Again)

In March 1968, two and a half years after the death of Vivien, my first wife, Jackie and I were married. Nine months later, our son Matthew was born. This second marriage was to last a little less than four years. So distressing was the ending that it took each of us seven years toContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (140: We Meet Again)”

Running To The Comfort Of His Mum

I have often made chicken stock from bones – usually when preparing a curry – but never as tasty as Becky’s. This morning I followed her suggestions. After lunch Jackie and I took a forest drive before visiting the Milford pharmacy to collect medication. Along Tiptoe Road a group of ponies and foals slept, lolled,Continue reading “Running To The Comfort Of His Mum”

Around The Quayside

After lunch today I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/06/21/a-knights-tale-139-i-hope-that-wasnt-too-patronising/ Later, Becky drove Jackie, Flo, and me to Lymington where our daughter and granddaughter browsed in the High Street while Jackie and I remained quayside – Jackie in The Ship Inn and me wandering about with my camera. I will let my pictures speak for themselves. Becky collected usContinue reading “Around The Quayside”

A Knight’s Tale (139: “I Hope That Wasn’t Too Patronising”)

After Jessica’s death I returned to London and rented. After the fiasco at Hyde Park Square  I moved into Leinster Mews on 23rd. December.  Once the removal men had gone I looked at all the stuff I had to unpack, and decided to go to the pub on the corner for a meal.  As soonContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (139: “I Hope That Wasn’t Too Patronising”)”

Shadows And Reflections

This morning I made a good start on clearing the upstairs sitting room for occupation. The many pictures have been stacked up for final sorting – those for passing on, others which have frames that may be useful to Charity Shops, and those which can be ditched. Eventually various items of furniture will find theirContinue reading “Shadows And Reflections”

Foreign Affairs

Alison Lurie’s 1984 novel ‘Foreign Affairs’ was the winner of the 1985 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, which I finished reading yesterday. The book immediately grasped my attention which it held throughout 279 pages of this tale of donnish and less intellectual American temporary residents and tourists and their interwoven relationships with each other and withContinue reading “Foreign Affairs”

Plants In Containers

Yesterday evening Jackie finished weeding the rest of the Brick Path, and today tackled the circular set of bricks around the filled in well. Not only has Flo added considerably to the Head Gardener’s planting in pots, urns, and hanging baskets, but she has kept them all flourishing during our recent dry spell by constantContinue reading “Plants In Containers”

Inside And Out

This morning and the early part of the afternoon Jackie continued her work on the Brick Path. My morning task was returning our bedroom to normal now that Nick has finished his clean decorating. This involved shoving the bed back into position; removing many items from the en suite bathroom, having the advantage of allowingContinue reading “Inside And Out”

What To Do With Flies

For much of the morning and the first half hour of a sweltering afternoon Jackie continued weeding the Brick Path, taking her own before and after photographs; meanwhile I filled several trug-loads of dead-headed roses and weeds pulled up from the beds along the way. Afterwards I printed another batch of A4 prints of himContinue reading “What To Do With Flies”