Autumnal Days

An arboreal casualty of the recent gales with its sawn branches along New Lane has almost obliterated a sign warning of riders on the road. Some equestriennes, like this woman crossing Wootton Common, were out on the moors, perhaps skirting the Remembrance Day parades. Colourful autumn landscapes flanked Lyndhurst Road, further along which, fenced woodlandContinue reading “Autumnal Days”


This morning I watched the Women’s rugby World Cup final between England and New Zealand. This afternoon we took a forest drive on which I focussed on some poppy displays. This one is at Everton; this one at Boldre Memorial Hall at Pilley; and this one against the wall of the Parish Church of StContinue reading “Remembrance”


I spent much of a dull but dry day finishing my second reading of prompted by the ‘Richardson’s Novels’ essay in Leslie Stephen’s ‘Hours in a Library’, in which he praises this as the best of the author’s works. Originally published in serial form during 1747-48, then in eight bound volumes, The Folio Society editionContinue reading “Clarissa”

Where’s Martin? (3)

Jackie and I spent most of the morning in Boots Opticians in New Milton where we bought new specs for her and I was advised that a cataract operation would be in order. Martin, in the meantime, battled the gales to make far more progress on tidying the garden, and in particular weeding the GazeboContinue reading “Where’s Martin? (3)”

A Damp Drive

On another day of gales, gloom, and bursts of weak sunshine our brief forest drive took us along Bisterne Close, with its glistening autumn leaves soaking on soggy verges; its mossy rooted and speckled lichen coated trees; other one-eyed specimens with fanged exposed roots rising from ancient hedgerows; a Magnum mushroom; and bedraggled ponies wanderingContinue reading “A Damp Drive”

“He Is Taking Your Photograph”

It was fortunate that we chose this reasonably bright morning to transport the last garden parasol to its winter quarters in the orange shed, and to carry the wooden patio chairs to the comparative safety of the narrow area beside one side of the house, for no sooner had we finished than the clouds darkenedContinue reading ““He Is Taking Your Photograph””