Isabella Or The Pot Of Basil

Today I reread and scanned Beside the title page I have shown the front board. Each of the first 62 stanzas is part of a pair in a decorated border. The 63rd stands alone on the final page. I have chosen not to reproduce the intermediate verses, but to include each of the double spreadsContinue reading “Isabella Or The Pot Of Basil”

Golden Showers

While watering the garden this morning Jackie photographed a bee on a thistle; and the goldfinch chicks in their nest – as soon as she did so all three flew off. Later I watered and dead-headed a little on the Back Drive, before we set off for Ivy’s birthday barbecue at Newbury. Our great-niece IvyContinue reading “Golden Showers”

“I Wouldn’t Start From Here”

Early this morning I read in the car while Jackie bought vegetables at Ferndene Farm Shop and birthday presents for Ivy at New Milton. We then drove on to Burley where I settled on a bench to watch the world go by. My sojourn was to be brief. As I left the car park IContinue reading ““I Wouldn’t Start From Here””

A Delightful Day

From midday onwards Jackie and I were the official photographers for the most delightful wedding of our friends Karen and Barry Chislett-Bruce. First, beginning with Barry’s son and best man, Owen, and his partner Tori, guests arrived at the Lymington Community Centre where the ceremony was to take place. As we all gathered together, partakingContinue reading “A Delightful Day”

A Soporific Afternoon

In the vicious postprandial heat I ventured on a garden hunt for butterflies and bees, which had been more present earlier in the day when we were clearing clippings and bagging them up for disposal. Only two Peacocks and one bee settled in view during the half hour in which I was prepared to stickContinue reading “A Soporific Afternoon”

A Few Flowers

This afternoon I posted It was hot and sultry outside enough to prevent me from undertaking anything other than photographing a few flowers which are named in the gallery. This evening we dined at Lal Quilla with Becky, Flo, Danni, and Elizabeth. The meal was a very happy birthday party for Jackie, Danni andContinue reading “A Few Flowers”

A Knight’s Tale (145: Banking On The Bar)

On a scorching 25th July 2012, Elizabeth drove me to Southampton airport where I boarded a plane to Bergerac to be met by Lydie, my very reliable French taxi driver, waving her arms and striding across the tarmac to embrace me.  She is, incidentally, about a foot shorter than me with the grip of aContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (145: Banking On The Bar)”


On another very hot, yet progressively overcast morning we drove to Otter Nurseries where Jackie bought herself another very long hose – this time on wheels to reduce carrying it about – for the garden. We travelled on to Barton on Sea where I stationed myself on a bench in order to attach my longestContinue reading “Scorching”

Enough For A Splash

Our Waterboy feature had been reduced to a mere trickle by the narrow pipe feeding the fountain from the pump being clogged up. Jackie spent much of the morning clearing the blockages and restoring normal working order. I dozed over an Iris Murdoch for most of this very hot day until 5 p.m. when IContinue reading “Enough For A Splash”

A Cattle Cluster

Jackie spent much of another very hot morning watering plants; I rendered some assistance with this, but mostly concentrated on dead heading and weeding down the Back Drive. Before lunch I posted Afterwards we took a forest drive. Along Sowley Lane we followed a tricyclist approached by a motorcyclist and bicyclists whom he acknowledged.Continue reading “A Cattle Cluster”