Have I Found A Redshank?

We enjoyed another very hot temperature with clear, pale blue, skies today. In the garden bees laboured on rudbeckia; Small White butterflies were ubiquitous; sun produced X-ray images of such as hollyhocks and pelargoniums; and cart wheels spoke to the low bark of the eucalyptus. I wandered around for a while. As usual, titles mayContinue reading “Have I Found A Redshank?”

At Their Posts

On another milder but less misty afternoon Jackie drove us into the forest. A string of deer dashing across the road at South Baddesley took me by such surprise that I could not present a clearer view than we saw in several blinks of an eye. At Tanners Lane I had thought I would needContinue reading “At Their Posts”

Feeding The Birds

This afternoon Jackie and I drove to Hatchet Pond where a small family were enjoying feeding the birds. Turns were taken to carry the youngest child, while another delighted in tossing the bread. As always, the gulls, on the bank and in the air, squabbled over the crumbs. A pair of persistent donkeys silently clamouredContinue reading “Feeding The Birds”

Guided Tour Of Sturt Pond

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Despite the heat today, Jackie continued with planting and weeding. I cut up branches from a tree Aaron had begun removing yesterday, and stuffed them into orange bags, Late this afternoon Giles collected me and drove me to the bird hide overlooking Sturt Pond at New Milton.Continue reading “Guided Tour Of Sturt Pond”

Why Did The Pony Cross The Road?

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. This morning, headed for Hatchet Pond, we drove out to the forest early enough to see the children trailing to Lymington’s schools. The pond itself was now rivalled by waterlogged terrain that had been settled by a group ofContinue reading “Why Did The Pony Cross The Road?”