A New Brother

IMAGES MAY BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM. REPEAT IF NECESSARY Jackie, on an even duller day, continued her creative cultivation.  My contribution this morning was a raked redistribution of the now rather rutted gravel on the back drive. In doing so I gained even more appreciation of the efforts of Richard in shifting shingle from hisContinue reading “A New Brother”

Particularly Partial To A Love Knot

Today will apparently be the last warm and sunny day for a week, so, naturally it was spent pottering in the garden.   At the front two crab apple trees are blossoming, and the saxifrages and other plants are beginning to decorate the stone edging which we hope they will soon festoon. Between the daffodils and theContinue reading “Particularly Partial To A Love Knot”

Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom

Jackie, with token assistance from me, continued with planting and watering today. I mostly rambled around, carting a few items along the paths. We have a selection of marigolds; ajugas, such as this one blending with pulmonaria, are popping up everywhere; and our monstrous Spanish bluebells are thriving on the enriched soil. Among the recent plantingsContinue reading “Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom”