Cake And Limousine

This morning I scanned another couple of sets of prints from my archives for which I cannot find the negatives. The first six are from Oliver’s birthday party of 23rd December, 2000, held at Lindum House. Alice sits bemused in her high chair while her gleeful brother, an avid Arsenal fan, admires his football pitchContinue reading “Cake And Limousine”

The First Gallery Christmas Show 2017

This morning we visited Margery and Paul at their home in Bitterne. We had been unable to attend the gallery’s Christmas show, so were pleased to enjoy some of the items awaiting collection. Readers may have noticed that I have been unable to produce a gallery on this site for some months. One of theContinue reading “The First Gallery Christmas Show 2017”

He Thought It Fun To Push Me Over

Sightings of foxes have been discussed on Streetlife lately. One person reported six in a pack. Another pointed out that these creatures are loners, not pack animals. I have never seen more than one adult at a time, but have been acquainted with two families, one every spring in the garden of the Phyllis Holman RichardsContinue reading “He Thought It Fun To Push Me Over”