Barnard’s Inn

This morning I posted After lunch I read more of “Great Expectations” and scanned more of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations. ‘It is a most miserable thing to be ashamed of home’ ‘Joe and Orlick went at one another, like two giants’ ‘Biddy turned her face suddenly towards mine’ ‘Mr Trabb’s boy was the mostContinue reading “Barnard’s Inn”

Recycling A Silver Cigarette Case

This morning I posted This afternoon, having made good headway with I scanned this frontispiece featuring “Miss Havisham”, and the next six of Charles Keeping’s illustrations. ‘A man whose teeth chattered as he seized me by the chin’ ‘He was gobbling mincemeat, meat bone, bread, cheese and pork pie, all at once’ ‘Dragged outContinue reading “Recycling A Silver Cigarette Case”