King Henry VIII’s Favourite Warship

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This morning Jackie drove me to New Milton for a visit to the bank, and back to Milford on Sea where we voted in the general election. Three days of strong winds had wrought their usual havoc on the garden. After lunch we tied up and dead-headedContinue reading “King Henry VIII’s Favourite Warship”

Before And After: The Back Drive

A good part of the day, until I set the incinerator going at 4 p.m., was spent in selecting and printing the next section of the garden development album. If there was any task more daunting than anything else in the Old Post House garden, it was the back drive. This is what it lookedContinue reading “Before And After: The Back Drive”

Before And After: The Rose Garden

The Unidentified Fir Bed is now a Cryptomeria Bed. It seemed a simple, straightforward, task today to dig over the bed cleared yesterday, in preparation for planting. Not so. Beneath the top layer of soil; itself riddled with spun skeins of fine vinca roots; more rock, concrete, tiles, and snakes of perished rubber hose were buried.Continue reading “Before And After: The Rose Garden”

The Correct Number Of Toes

Jackie spent much of the day creating a new bower, called Gardener’s Rest, by the head gardener’s path, thus offering a new view across the garden. This meant some paving material was required. I therefore transported some concrete and bricks from the pile in the former kitchen garden. In an effort to select only bricks that mayContinue reading “The Correct Number Of Toes”


We were promised pleasant weather today, and when we set off late morning to Elizabeth’s, it certainly looked that way.  By midday the rain had begun again, just as we arrived at Bursledon Brickworks industrial museum.  When we left, a little more than two hours later, it was teeming, and continued to be so forContinue reading “Brickbats”