Down The Back Drive

By e-mail this morning I received from my Australian friend, Gwen Wilson, a copy of a 1939 register of the residents of Shaftesbury Rd, Carshalton. This was the location of the VE Day Street Party featured in my post, “Holly”. I have added it to the post. Later, Malachi initiated a FaceTime conversation. Schools inContinue reading “Down The Back Drive”

Out Of Its Element

I began the day with a dead-heading session in the garden. The mystery of yesterday’s lost clematis was solved on this less sunny morning. Today there was no bright backlighting fooling us with the strong red hues, and even giving a green hue to the Gothic arch. The plant is in fact Star of India.Continue reading “Out Of Its Element”


We are currently basking in an Indian summer, so it is quite appropriate that Jackie is so proud of her Star of India clematis that, at a cost of ¬£1.99 she rescued from Morrison’s shelves. ¬†Baby Bio, regular watering, and plentiful sunshine have done the trick. Late this morning, I walked down to the villageContinue reading “Carthage”