Having spent far too long last night grappling with the WordPress theme issue, and, waking up this morning to find my e-mail password rejected although I was still receiving them, I had not the heart to continue my interrupted chat with yesterday’s Happiness Engineer, so I carried on regardless. Much of the morning was spentContinue reading “Gasping”

Out Of Its Element

I began the day with a dead-heading session in the garden. The mystery of yesterday’s lost clematis was solved on this less sunny morning. Today there was no bright backlighting fooling us with the strong red hues, and even giving a green hue to the Gothic arch. The plant is in fact Star of India.Continue reading “Out Of Its Element”

Not Passing The Time Of Day

Holmsley Passage cuts through stretch of moorland on the way to Burley. There is a sweep down to a  deep valley which rises as a little bridge takes us up the other side. Late this afternoon, as we drove along it, the sunshine and showers offered enticing landscape lighting bringing a glint to a theContinue reading “Not Passing The Time Of Day”

A Crossword Solving Session

CLICK ON SINGLE IMAGE TO ENLARGE; OR ANY ONE OF THE GROUP TO ACCESS THE GALLERY THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. This morning, a larger thrush commandeered the crab apples. A game of hide and seek was required to photograph it. This afternoon we watched a TV production of Agatha Christie’s ‘Witness for theContinue reading “A Crossword Solving Session”

En Route To Cornwall

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF NECESSARY. A.P. Maintenance, in the form of Aaron and Robin, this morning, almost finished the fence they have built  between our garden and that of North Breeze. On the way through to the gate to the back drive, I enjoyed the early morning sunlight blazing through this hangingContinue reading “En Route To Cornwall”

Up Close And Personal

On a largely overcast and humid morning I took an amble down to Roger’s footpath and back. Parsley and fennel are now flowering in the bed opposite the kitchen window. White nicotiana spreads its scent across the patio. The Absolutely Fabulous rose now bears numerous fresh flowers. Violas suspended from the entrance arch to theContinue reading “Up Close And Personal”

A Game Of Peep-Bo

As I put out the bin bags at dawn this morning, the smoking fire further East down Christchurch Road revealed itself to be a blazing sun emerging to presage the splendid day we were to enjoy. A little later, a crouching figure was seen to dart across to my desk and scamper back again. This was Flo,Continue reading “A Game Of Peep-Bo”

Hanging By A Thread

The following were the human beings I saw when walking The Splash ampersand this sultry morning:  a few isolated car drivers on the road; a postman getting into his van outside the study centre; a woman in a nurse’s uniform leaving a house and walking to her car; one man crossing a road to anotherContinue reading “Hanging By A Thread”