It’s An Ill Wind……..

We are in direct line from The Needles off the Isle of Wight. The heaviest gust of wind overnight sweeping through these iconic rocks was recorded at 109 miles per hour. Even this morning rains continued and the wind speeds were in excess of 70 m.p.h. This was definitely a day for staying indoors andContinue reading “It’s An Ill Wind……..”

Exceeding The Speed Limit

Our home was hit by winds of forty one miles per hour throughout the night after the expected storm hit yesterday evening. Although lessening a little, they continued during the day.  Havoc was wreaked in the garden, many of Jackie’s structures being blown down, tables overturned, and two pieces of soffit from the back of the house wereContinue reading “Exceeding The Speed Limit”

20 Is Plenty

At 30 mph today’s wind was six miles per hour faster than yesterday’s. Colin, the former marathon runner I had met yesterday, had taken the different route in order to avoid being blown off the cliff top. Fighting my way down Bob‘s steps to the deserted shingle on my Hordle Cliff walk this morning, I rather saw hisContinue reading “20 Is Plenty”

Me, Irritated?

This morning we suffered from an excess of wind. I write not of flatulence, but of 35 miles (56 kilometres) per hour gusts tearing into our trees, tossing the tresses of the more slender ones like the weeping birch and the eucalyptus. For those of you in other parts of the world this may not seemContinue reading “Me, Irritated?”

Rabbits And A Slow Worm

The wind still raged after a stormy night. I walked down to the Spar shop and back for strawberry jam to accompany scones for the visit of Michael, Heidi, Emily and Alice. They didn’t have any so I settled for blackcurrant. Choppy breakers on the Solent, a good mile away, could be seen from DowntonContinue reading “Rabbits And A Slow Worm”

Technical Frustrations

Last night the internet reception was hit and miss, which is one reason why my post was shorter than usual (I’ve just lost it again). I was also knackered, but mostly I wanted Orlaith’s photograph to stand alone. This morning, taking advantage of what I thought was a lull in a night of rain, IContinue reading “Technical Frustrations”

Fascinated By His Shadow

We use door stops in the flat. This morning I bent down to hold back the living room door so that Jackie could wheel in the coffee trolley, nutted the mock-Georgian brass handle, and cut my forehead. That, I thought, was a trick worthy of the early film-makers. I doubt I could do it onContinue reading “Fascinated By His Shadow”

The Raincoat

This morning was so cold when we went for a shopping trip to Ringwood that the wind pierced four layers of clothing.  It was a relief to enter the shops.  I waited for a possible meteorological improvement until late in the afternoon, before walking the London Minstead/Bull Lane loop. There was no such luck.  IfContinue reading “The Raincoat”