As Happy As A Pig In The Proverbial

Earlier today I watched recordings of the rugby World Cup matches between Australia and Uruguay and between England and Argentina. After lunch we took a drive up to the north of the forest. Pigs are free for the next six weeks or so to enjoy searching for acorns and other forest fruits, known as mast,Continue reading “As Happy As A Pig In The Proverbial”

A Soggy Forest

Becky and Ian returned home to Emsworth yesterday evening. As forecast, the rain didn’t set in this morning until 11. We therefore set off for a drive at 10. The sunken tarmac at the corner of Hordle and Sky End Lanes always fills up during heavy rain. It has recently been marked out for repair.Continue reading “A Soggy Forest”

A Rogue Encounter

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN SMALLER CLUSTERS GIVE ACCESS TO GALLERIES. This afternoon we drove to Homebase in Christchurch and purchased a lavatory seat, a handle for the cistern, and a tin of touch up paint to cover a repair to the guest bathroom wall where a visitor had pulled the towel railContinue reading “A Rogue Encounter”

A WRAF Beauty

Early this morning Jackie discovered an ailing bird which may be a baby pigeon. She made it a little hospital bed, complete with water and a suet ball. By the end of the afternoon our little friend was struggling around the garden, unable to fly, because its tail-feathers were shredded. Aaron continued his work onContinue reading “A WRAF Beauty”

‘We’ve Seen This One’

After a domestic morning I attempted the woodland walk. Having negotiated the pools at the kissing gate entrance, I crossed the muddy field, where the lowering winter sun cast dazzling reflections from others between the brassica rows. The path through the woods was reasonably negotiable until the footbridge over the fast flowing stream, when itContinue reading “‘We’ve Seen This One’”

Shades Of A Late Autumn

Over both the still fields and the calm sea, pastel shades dominated the skies on a crisp morning as I took my Hordle Cliff top walk in reverse. Although the sun was largely clouded over, shooting directly towards it across The Solent produced a lighter image. These muted colours were repeated in the fallen leaves blendingContinue reading “Shades Of A Late Autumn”

20 Is Plenty

At 30 mph today’s wind was six miles per hour faster than yesterday’s. Colin, the former marathon runner I had met yesterday, had taken the different route in order to avoid being blown off the cliff top. Fighting my way down Bob‘s steps to the deserted shingle on my Hordle Cliff walk this morning, I rather saw hisContinue reading “20 Is Plenty”

Sunshine And Showers

Yesterday evening we visited Prospect hospice in Wroughton. The reason for this will become apparent in due course. Jackie and I followed Elizabeth and Mum back along the M4 and M3 to The Firs in driving rain. Having settled our mother into her own home Elizabeth provided a much-needed meal of sausages, chips, eggs andContinue reading “Sunshine And Showers”

How Do You Slice A Cottage Loaf?

It is becoming more difficult to summon up the enthusiasm for a sloshy, muddy, tramp around waterlogged streets and footpaths.  However, I managed it once again this morning.  After problems on the A31 brought about several changes of plan and direction, Jackie drove us to Sainsbury’s at Hedge End.  She went shopping and I wentContinue reading “How Do You Slice A Cottage Loaf?”