A Bracken Ribbon

This morning we shopped at Everton nurseries for composts, seeds, bulbs, and some potted primulas; then drove on into the forest.

Sunlit landscapes were in sharp contrast to yesterday’s murky views. These were seen from

Lower Sandy Down, one of our narrow undulating winding lanes where we would not relish meeting oncoming traffic careering down the slope.

Long shadows streaked the terrain

littered with last autumn’s fallen leaves;

snowdrops scaled steep verges,

some of which reflected sunlit trees above.

Giving me a quizzical look a be-rugged horse chomped on the contents of its hanging hay bag.

Although still mud-caked ponies were much more in evidence on the moors outside Brockenhurst;

a bay leisurely ambling across the road

permitted itself a smug grin as it hampered a group of cheery cyclists.

Settling into foraging on the other side

it sported a nice new bracken ribbon decorating its tail.

We followed a rather splendid vintage vehicle for some way on the road home

hoping it would turn off left so I could obtain a side-on view. Β The driver eventually obliged.

Sway Tower was also basking in the sunshine.

This afternoon, admittedly fuelled by a bottle of Doom Bar, I dozed through the Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Italy. The later contest between Scotland and Ireland held my complete attention.

For our dinner this evening Jackie produced her tasty liver and bacon casserole; creamy mashed potatoes, firm Brussels sprouts and carrots in three colours. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank San Juan Argentine Malbec 2019.


  1. The Scotland Ireland game was full of action, I agree. If we could just stop making terrible mistakes, we might win a game every now and again as we have a lot of good players.

      1. They love them! I also think the older children get a better look at the world by reading/looking at people’s blogs than they do reading the news, which tends to only have a few sensational stories. WP is so varied and the community is very kind.

  2. LOVE that tree reflection in the middle of the ground and the grass – what lines! Also loved the leaves with the sun shining through.

    It’s so exciting that you are buying spring things already. Your early spring always helps me through the winter.

  3. I can visualise you in the vintage car too, but maybe when the weather warms a little!
    My favourite are the ponies and the domesticated horse with its hay net.

  4. OH, what a valued va-va-voom vintage vehicle!
    Love the decorated tail! Stunning! πŸ™‚ And the ponies seem to be enjoying the sun! So glad it shone on everyone, and everything! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  5. A wonderful sunny forest drive. I love how the sun lights up last year’s oak leaf and the tree reflections are marvelous. The vintage car reminded me of Toad’s Adventures in Wind in the Willows πŸ˜€

  6. Ah-ha, my ponies are in a better mood it appears – good to see.
    We were on the same track as far as food. Yesterday I had liver/bacon/onions. Been a long time since I had that and after eating, I wondered why it took me so long to make it!!

  7. Like others, I can imagine you and Jackie touring about in that vintage car. I’m sure it was good to see some sunshine today. Thanks for taking us along on your rambles. πŸ™‚

  8. It’s so fun to see an old car still operational. And with a dog in the back out for a ride, too. Those first few pictures of the broader landscape gave me a nice feeling of space and beauty. Something new or different every day.

  9. It looks like you Guys skipped the Winter this year and came right to the Spring. I do not know what to say is it good or not really. Anyway, Derrick enjoy the weather and the beautiful Nature!

  10. I like all of these photos, but the first and the last are my favorites with that blue, rust, green color palette that I love in your landscape. Do you see antique autos frequently on your roads? When we see them, they’re usually on their way to a car show.

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