An Uncomfortable Night

Today, much cooler and less humid than last weekend, was a very pleasant day for gardening.  Jackie, proud of the sweet peas she had grown from seed, continued with her planting and weeding, whilst I continued with the new bed.  This time, my main problem was the ivy.  Had I known just how much ivyContinue reading “An Uncomfortable Night”

Murder In The Lounge

During odd moments in the last few days, I have finished writing clues for Mordred’s next Independent cryptic crossword submission.  This morning, after a final bit of tweaking, I sent it off to Mike Hutchinson, that newspaper’s most accurate and humorous editor.  Any further adjustment he may require will only improve it. This morning JackieContinue reading “Murder In The Lounge”


Since Tom has been on my mind since yesterday’s rugby story, I walked down to Hartfield Crescent (see 17th July).  On Maycross Avenue, from the shelter of a fir tree above, some birds had produced an action painting.  I wondered what would happen if I were to dig it up and put it on theContinue reading “Tom”

The Hornby Train Set

Today I walked to Kingston to meet Geoff Austin (see 22nd. June post) at the Canbury Arms.  Jackie had used Google Earth last night to find the route for me.  She is very good at taking the walk through locations, and I was amazed at the pin-sharp pictures showing me the roads I needed to walk down,Continue reading “The Hornby Train Set”

‘A Really Lovely Old Boy’

The way the day began took me back to Leinster Mews.  Kasia, who has just moved in downstairs, locked herself out when putting the bins outside at 6 a.m..  Not knowing what else to do, she rang our doorbell.  After Jessica’s death in 2007, I returned to London and rented a mews house in that streetContinue reading “‘A Really Lovely Old Boy’”

Pooh Sticks

On this rather dull morning I wandered along the Wandle bank in Morden Hall Park; came out onto Morden Hall Road; turned left, then right into St. Helier Avenue; right again along Bristol Road; left into Central Road; then crossed London Road into Morden Park, through which I made my way back to Links Avenue.Continue reading “Pooh Sticks”

Continuing Themes

This morning I strolled into the footpath leading up to the mosque; skirted the London Road edge of Morden Park; crossed this road into Central Road; bore right into Green Lane; wandered through the Haig Homes estate; travelled back to London Road; and returned to Links Avenue via the park. Cars were streaming down LinksContinue reading “Continuing Themes”

Park Culture

Today we continued with yesterday’s gardening projects.  Jackie did a great deal more edging and weeding of beds, planting some flowers we had brought with us, and others from last week.  I managed to get somewhere near halfway with the new bed project.  So much for completing it this weekend. Elizabeth has been suffering forContinue reading “Park Culture”

Council Housing

Along the footpath to the mosque this morning a heap of building waste demonstrated that the flytipping (2nd. July) warnings have been ignored.  When I returned from my walk, it was still there, and a man was standing at the entrance holding up a board which announced that the Eid (15th. August) carpark was full.  There was aContinue reading “Council Housing”