Coping With Violence

Today was Mordred (see 12th. July) day No. 50, so I bought an Independent in Londis, on my way to my normal Colliers Wood route.  I was having coffee with Carol in SW1 and lunch with Norman in Harlesden.  Alongside the Wandle, brambles, nettles, bindweed, willowherb, and other foliage were ‘as high as an elephant’sContinue reading “Coping With Violence”


On this dull and humid morning I had intended to follow Jackie’s suggestion that I take a bus somewhere and walk around there.  As I reached Morden bus station, a few drops of rain suggested I should pay attention to the weather forecast, and stay closer to home.  I therefore backtracked and made a tourContinue reading “Eid”

Back to Normality

After three weeks in the idyllic village atmosphere of Sigoules I returned to Morden today.  Having spent the morning continuing ‘the big tidy up’, the rest of the day was spent travelling.  By Lydie’s taxi to Bergerac airport; by plane to Southampton; train to Waterloo; and finally tube to Morden. Having started it last night, myContinue reading “Back to Normality”

A Rant

Today was what David calls ‘the big tidy up day’, so there was no walkabout. This morning I finished Dennis Wheatley’s ‘Vendetta in Spain’.  With a good grasp of history and a fine attention to detail, Wheatley tells a rollicking good story.  Set in the first decade of the twentieth century, this novel was, evenContinue reading “A Rant”

An Unknown Masterpiece

This morning it was to Flaugeac and back that my feet took me.  Once you have walked past the shops in rue de la Fon Close and up the hill past Les Caves there is not much of interest on the road to the D933, which, taking your life in your hands, you have toContinue reading “An Unknown Masterpiece”

A Welsh Interlude

Fearing the heat, I set off even earlier than yesterday for a walk to Pomport and back.  As I began my return journey I could see rainclouds over Sigoules, and very soon the lapis lazuli canopy under which I’d begun my outing had turned into a slate roof.  The sweat I’d engendered on the wayContinue reading “A Welsh Interlude”

The Stepping Stone Community

Roger dropped Judith off for an early morning walk.  We turned right at the cemetery and took the left fork at La Briaude, weaving our way to Mescoules.  The landscape, largely seen from above, was enticing.  At one point Judith slipped into a field, presumably to avail herself of the facilities.  She may, possibly, have foundContinue reading “The Stepping Stone Community”

A Close Encounter

Apart from one slightly alarming stretch, I found an attractive and varied route today.  Walking out on the Monbos road to the signpost on the road to Thenac, I followed a loop into Sigoules which turned out to be a ramblers’ footpath much more welcoming than many of those in England.  Posts bearing a yellowContinue reading “A Close Encounter”

A Commercial Break

Last night Don and I listened to a CD he had brought me.  This is a recording made in a Suffolk pub of what probably constitutes several folk/jazz jam sessions.  The Green Dragon in Bungay is also one of Suffolk’s 50 plus microbreweries, that is, they brew their own beer out the back.  The proprietorsContinue reading “A Commercial Break”

Would You Believe It?

This morning I staked up the tomatoes.  Don subsequently came up with a more practical solution, not involving an ironing board.. Apparently someone has taken a photograph of the Loch Ness monster which is claimed to be the most credible yet.  Having been analysed by members of the US military it is declared definitely animate. Continue reading “Would You Believe It?”