Why Did The Pheasant Cross The Road?

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT LONE PICTURES JUST NEED A CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT. Yesterday evening we enjoyed the usual excellent food and friendly efficient service in the perfect company of Elizabeth,Continue reading “Why Did The Pheasant Cross The Road?”

It Wouldn’t Go Away

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED A glance at the sitting room floor this morning set me chasing shadows, there; across the kitchen table and floor; on the patio; along the Gazebo Path; beside the Cryptomeria Bed; across the grass; beside the outlet for the heating system steam; along the Head Gardener’s Walk,Continue reading “It Wouldn’t Go Away”

An Electric Light Show

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE; THOSE IN SMALLER CLUSTERS GIVE ACCESS TO GALLERIES. Becky and Ian returned home at lunchtime. I spent the afternoon printing off a draft novel a friend has sent me, doing me the honour of seeking my opinion on the work. We left the printer processing the last few pages andContinue reading “An Electric Light Show”

Indigo, Sepia, Lightning

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE; SMALLER CLUSTERS GIVE ACCESS TO GALLERIES. The four of us brunched today at Beachcomber cafe on the cliff top at Barton on Sea, within sight of The Isle of Wight and The Needles. The day’s ever-changing light laid a haze over the ponies on Barton Common. Although these animals roamContinue reading “Indigo, Sepia, Lightning”

Playing Disrupt The Traffic

CLICK ON SMALL GROUP IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES. This afternoon Jackie drove us around the forest, beginning with Tanners Lane where ponies, delaying our arrival at the beach, played at disrupting the traffic. They crossed and recrossed the narrow lane in their eagerness to crop the grass and prune the hedgerows. When we actuallyContinue reading “Playing Disrupt The Traffic”

Bloggers United

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. On a warm and sunny morning a long-awaited visit took place. My blogging friend, the talented writer, Geoff Le Pard, who had spent much of his childhood a mile away from our home, came, with The Textiliste, The Lawyer, and The Beautician, to visit us and ourContinue reading “Bloggers United”

Salt Marshes

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Early this morning I walked around the garden to survey the elemental damage. The review of the situation was actually encouraging. The nicotiana and agapanthus staked up a couple of days ago have perked up; as have the white gladioli, and the surviving Priscillas in the NewContinue reading “Salt Marshes”