A Knight’s Tale (131: Bridgetown Part 2)

There follows the last stretch of my walk to Bridgetown. Bougainvillea continued to spread its various shades of magenta and pink along the roadsides. In the first of these two pictures, the rambling plant seeks the protection of the thorns of the plant to which it clings. Others ramble around buildings that have seen betterContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (131: Bridgetown Part 2)”

No Madame Eglentyne

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE. THIS MAY BE REPEATED This morning Jackie and I took a short drive into the forest. We stopped for a while at East Boldre, where a pair of hungry donkeys lunched on cropped grass as they waited for a bus. Even close to midday, neighbouring ponies cast elongated shadows.Continue reading “No Madame Eglentyne”


CLICKING ON ANY IMAGE IN THE GROUP GIVES ACCESS TO ITS GALLERY, ANY MEMBER OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Early this morning Jackie drove me to Lymington Hospital where I underwent a posterior capsulotomy. This was nowhere near as nasty as it sounds. SixtyContinue reading “Parched”

Gravel Pit Cottage

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY, EACH MEMBER OF WHICH CAN BE FURTHER ENLARGED BY CLICKING THE BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT We began this cold, bright, day with two trips to the recycling centre to dispose of bags of garden refuse. Afterwards we drove around the east of theContinue reading “Gravel Pit Cottage”

A Competition

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Although the wind lessened somewhat first thing this morning, it soon picked up again and was not conducive to repair work in the garden. Our sole venture in that direction was to buy some more canes from Everton Nursery. Aaron and Robin began building a log shelterContinue reading “A Competition”

Clearly The Day For It

CLICK ON IMAGES YOU MAY WISH TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF NECESSARY The meteorologists having informed us that the bright, albeit nippy, early morning sunshine would be covered by cumulus soon after mid-day sent us off into the forest, after a brief wander round the garden where hanging baskets are now mostly filled with plants, likeContinue reading “Clearly The Day For It”

On The Road To Bridgetown

I very rarely stage a photograph, so I probably wouldn’t have thought of Jackie’s ladybird shots this morning. She spotted a somewhat sleepy ladybird – not literally of course, because this one already wore its spots – on a rounded pebble in a colourless corner. Thinking it needed something red to set it off, sheContinue reading “On The Road To Bridgetown”

Walking To Bridgetown

On this drizzly day, Jackie did a great deal of planting and composting. We then carried off to the dump two more bags of the griselinia cuttings that Aaron and Robin had filled for us on Sunday. We only came back with a hoe. After completing the scanning of the March 2004 colour slides ofContinue reading “Walking To Bridgetown”

Starting Handles

On this brighter, balmy, day, the returning sunshine was welcomed by all; by me; by Roger’s newly sown fields; by ferns and mare’s tails on the bank of the stream; by basking cattle huddled behind the corner cottage; by a young man, with the customary electronic device, waiting for a bus; by slithering slugs andContinue reading “Starting Handles”

Plastic Water Bottles

A¬†tumultuous thunderstorm during the night had left pearls pendant on autumn fruits and sprinkled on roses and other flowers. I took yesterday’s walk in reverse. There were no shafts of sunlight piercing the clouds this morning, but cliffs towards the West were picked out, and a lone boat sailed the sparkling Solent. On the coastContinue reading “Plastic Water Bottles”