An Annual Event

CLICK ON GROUPED IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES This morning I printed a batch of sample photographs from which Raj at Lal Quilla can make a selection for his wall. These have all featured on previous posts. At lunchtime Jackie drove us over to Shelly and Ron’s home in Walkford for the annual wreath-laying onContinue reading “An Annual Event”

“Look, He’s Posing”

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE OR ACCESS GALLERIES This morning Jackie drove us to Lymington for me to take photographs that might be suitable for the walls of Lal Quilla restaurant. Raj had asked me for some a couple of days ago. I began with a few featuring the building itself. The surrounding area includesContinue reading ““Look, He’s Posing””

Clocks And Whelks

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Lymington, where our two clocks were now ready. We parked in Gosport Street and walked down Quay Hill to Dials. The iron barriers on the kerbside ensure that careless photographers cannot step back into the road for wider close-ups. Loose Ends, in the left foreground of this photograph, standsContinue reading “Clocks And Whelks”

Honey Bees And Christmas Lights

Giles visited this morning and stayed for lunch.   On a wander round the garden he was pleased to notice that the mahonia was still attracting bees. Jacqueline du Pre was enjoying a resurgence in the rose garden. Before lunch, our friend and I took a walk across the field by the post box, throughContinue reading “Honey Bees And Christmas Lights”

Lal Quilla

This morning Jackie drove us to Lymington Hospital where she had her knee x-rayed. We were very impressed with this well-laid out building, making it easy to find the walk-in service, and the efficiency of that provision when we arrived. Afterwards we parked behind the High Street and walked down to the quay, where JackieContinue reading “Lal Quilla”