Misty Morning Mizzle

Late yesterday afternoon Jackie had photographed the porcine weather vane on Bull Hill. Gloomy as it was there was no mist. We began the day by visiting the Royal Mail Delivery Office very early. Jackie parked outside on Lymington High Street while I entered the office to do battle about the non-delivery card featured yesterday.Continue reading “Misty Morning Mizzle”


At least our winter flowering cherry was happy with another dreary, yet wet, day. Last night Louisa asked me to send pictures of her lifelong friend Gemma, who will be 40 tomorrow. I sent her three, of which this is one from my daughter’s birthday party of May 1993. Three days ago ‘we began withContinue reading “Thatching”

Magic And Witchcraft

Technology is fine when it works, but you really can’t trust it. Yesterday I discovered that O’Neill Patient had never received my complaints letter. Having paid the extra fee for tracking and recording delivery, it never occurred to me that I would not get what I had paid for. When the Royal Mail website indicatedContinue reading “Magic And Witchcraft”

Ice Art

CLICK ON GROUPED IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES. With most of the rest of the country under snow, our little micro-climate had none, and was just minus two degrees when Jackie drove me out to the forest this morning. Around Wootton and Wilverley Plain, the terrain and its pools felt freezing frosty fingers; frigid fernsContinue reading “Ice Art”

Honey Bees And Christmas Lights

Giles visited this morning and stayed for lunch.   On a wander round the garden he was pleased to notice that the mahonia was still attracting bees. Jacqueline du Pre was enjoying a resurgence in the rose garden. Before lunch, our friend and I took a walk across the field by the post box, throughContinue reading “Honey Bees And Christmas Lights”