The Magic Carpet

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Having spent much of the night watching the BBC’s presentation of the unfolding of the EU referendum, I wasn’t up to much this morning. I did, however, post my day 5 offering on the Facebook nature series. This was it. It appeared on my WordPress post Earthworks,Continue reading “The Magic Carpet”

The Garden Map

Come for a further wander down the garden paths. Stepping out of┬áthe utility room stable doorway, we meet this little rose that was bramble-bound last year. This frilly new pink poppy sits quite well against the red Japanese maple, visible from the kitchen window. Opposite our small patch of grass, we think designed for aContinue reading “The Garden Map”

Owling With Attitude

The blackbird still sits on her nest. Peering through shrubs at a safe distance, sometimes her bright little eyes are visible to the viewer, sometimes her upturned tail. Today’s task for me was to clear one bed of brambles and other unwelcome growth. Simple enough for a day’s work. I thought. In fact the wildContinue reading “Owling With Attitude”