Car Park Conversation

We have a popular adage that asserts that all accidents come in threes. So it is with cafetière glasses. We keep spares for the large one that dispenses our morning coffee. Two have been broken in the last month. That left one. This afternoon we therefore visited the Christchurch Sainsbury’s to maintain our reserves. JackieContinue reading “Car Park Conversation”

History Comes At A Price

When the whole row of checkouts in a supermarket begins to reject any credit or debit cards that are inserted into the machines at the counters, chaos ensues.  We know, because we shopped in Totton’s Lidl this morning.  Our prospective purchases were all laid out on the conveyor belt.  The man in front only hadContinue reading “History Comes At A Price”

How Do You Slice A Cottage Loaf?

It is becoming more difficult to summon up the enthusiasm for a sloshy, muddy, tramp around waterlogged streets and footpaths.  However, I managed it once again this morning.  After problems on the A31 brought about several changes of plan and direction, Jackie drove us to Sainsbury’s at Hedge End.  She went shopping and I wentContinue reading “How Do You Slice A Cottage Loaf?”