Wet Roads

Rain beating a clamorous tattoo on the Modus roof; repetitive rapping from a thumping car radio; abrupt slamming of doors; crashing gears of handbrake ratchets; muffled muttering of masked voices; clicking stilettos clopping through puddles – all combined to distract me from the last chapters of ‘Little Dorrit’ as I waited in the car whileContinue reading “Wet Roads”

Late Afternoon Sun

An early end to the Test match and rain falling for most of the day prompted me to read eight more chapters of ‘Little Dorrit’, and consequently to scan eight more of Charles Keeping’s excellent illustrations. ‘Mrs Sparkler began to wonder how long the master-mind meant to stay’ is another two page spread. ‘Lying inContinue reading “Late Afternoon Sun”

Pauline’s Lightcatcher In Its Rightful Place

On a dull day we – mostly Jackie – spent time returning the kitchen to normal. Mrs Knight had washed, ironed, and now rehung the curtains. The glasses cupboard had its doors reinstalled and its contents brought back in from the library. The table returned to its normal position. A number of bloggers, including us,Continue reading “Pauline’s Lightcatcher In Its Rightful Place”

Redecoration Completed

While Nick Hayter continued with his transformation of our kitchen, I printed him a set of pictures of his progress “on the job”, including this one demonstrating his mask-less cutting-in skill produced this morning. Downton Service Station had already provided our Modus with a new clutch and handbrake by 10 a.m., so we happily collectedContinue reading “Redecoration Completed”

A Happy Announcement

This morning, while Nick continued brightening up the kitchen, Jackie helped the ailing Modus to Downton Service Station. Unsurprisingly the diagnosis, which was delivered later, was the need for a new clutch. It is hoped that we will receive it back by the weekend. This afternoon, having reached the 3/4 point of Charles Dickens’s ‘LittleContinue reading “A Happy Announcement”

Primroses For Tootlepedal

This morning I watched most of the second day’s play of the current cricket Test Match between England and Indian Channel 4. During the afternoon and early evening it was the turn of ITV’s coverage of the Six Nations rugby internationals between Italy and France; and between England and Scotland. I am so grateful toContinue reading “Primroses For Tootlepedal”

The Battle Of Longslade Bottom

After another wet morning I made a set of A4 prints of his last session on our roof for Barry, then scanned the next five of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to ‘Little Dorrit’. In ‘The cloudy line of mules hastily tied to rings in the wall’, our vision is certainly clouded. With ‘He found a ladyContinue reading “The Battle Of Longslade Bottom”

Finishing Touches

On another gloomy wet morning Jackie photographed a selection of our current garden blooms, some decorated with pearls of rainwater. Here we have sarcocca Hoskeriana, cyclamen, daffodil, iris reticulata Katharine Hodgkin, snowdrops, hellebore, camellia, daphne odorata marginata, and crocus. Barry, of New Forest Chimney Sweeping & Repairs, then visited to extend the downpipe across theContinue reading “Finishing Touches”

Race For Life

Another gloomy day and a joyful batch of rediscovered colour slides. The morning’s task – obviously – was to scan them. These are from Nottingham’s Race for Life in June 2006. Daughter-in-Law, Heidi is the tall woman in the centre of the throng gathering for the off. Louisa, Gemma S, Heidi, and Emily raring toContinue reading “Race For Life”

‘Lor!’, Chuckled Maggy

Barry of New Forest Chimney Sweeping & Repairs finished most of his work on our kitchen extension roof today. While he was doing so, I made him a set of A4 prints from my pictures of him from the last two days. He sent me his own images of the new lead flashings and myContinue reading “‘Lor!’, Chuckled Maggy”