A Day In The Life Of A Tulip

Our own cowslips are now rivalling those in Downton Lane, and in parts are tall enough to force their way through the not yet flowering geraniums. The long-pile erigeron welcome mat outside the patio doors is beginning to reveal its woven floral motif. We also have more tulips opened out. In the daytime that is.Continue reading “A Day In The Life Of A Tulip”

On The Rocks

On another sunny day, insects, particularly flies and bees, were busy in the garden, where some hellebores are now turning to seed, whilst the tree peonies are budding, and the euphorbias flowering. This afternoon Flo added two photographs of bees, one on a daffodil, and another on a pansy. Whilst engaged in that, she heard theContinue reading “On The Rocks”

Canine Companions

A day or two before the Emsworth family joined us for Easter, whilst out walking with Scooby, Ian found a pheasant that he gave to their dog who has brought it with him. I have been very remiss in not mentioning it before, but it is probably why Eric and Scooby ignore each other in the garden, whereContinue reading “Canine Companions”

No Contest

Yesterday’s airborne avian shadow was a jackdaw perched on a TV aerial some distance away. As the evening sun lowered in the West, Flo continued her bird photography. The collared dove took its turn at the feeding tray, until its mate dislodged it. Settling in the weeping birch it pondered a pigeon, practiced its trapezeContinue reading “No Contest”

A Game Of Peep-Bo

As I put out the bin bags at dawn this morning, the smoking fire further East down Christchurch Road revealed itself to be a blazing sun emerging to presage the splendid day we were to enjoy. A little later, a crouching figure was seen to dart across to my desk and scamper back again. This was Flo,Continue reading “A Game Of Peep-Bo”

Jackdaws And Chips

Yesterday, Aaron had taken a corner off the new bed to provide a wider turning circle for Jackie on the back drive. Jackie began her day by replanting those items he had had to dig up, then executing a perfect four point turn. After this, Peter, Ally, Becky, Ian, and Flo joined us for aContinue reading “Jackdaws And Chips”

Social History From The Loft

Ian, whom Becky had collected to join us yesterday, drove off early this morning to bring his father Peter and stepmother Ally to join the party in time for lunch. Knowing full well that I would want it, Becky asked me yesterday whether I knew anyone who would like:that had been among the many itemsContinue reading “Social History From The Loft”

Walking Sticks

Eric the pheasant, spurning the stale puffed wheat Jackie had left out for him, and preferring what the greenfinches drop, turned his back this morning. Later in the day he returned for the scraps. Jackdaws carried off last night’s left-over chips. After breakfast we hid some Kinder eggs for a hunt for James, due toContinue reading “Walking Sticks”

Gordleton Mill Hotel

Another mouse has left the suffragette group. Having noticed that a flock of sheep had strayed from Lidl, she has become Little Bo Mouse and herded them onto the mantelpiece. Before you ask, we inherited the ghastly orange colour. Yesterday evening Jackie heard an horrific screeching coming from the far end of the garden. ThisContinue reading “Gordleton Mill Hotel”

Now And Then

Because of my severely restricted mobility my rambling currently is confined literally to ‘[My] Own Back Yard’, and metaphorically through my photographic archives. This morning I ambled along the back drive taking a few more shots of the North Breeze jungle next door. This chair rests behind the hedge we have pruned, revealing the dilapidatedContinue reading “Now And Then”