Salvaging A Squandered Sunny Afternoon

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. The power cut we had experienced two evenings ago had alerted me to the fact that I did not know who supplied our electricity. And I had never, in three years, received a bill. I speculated that I may be able to surmise the reason for this.Continue reading “Salvaging A Squandered Sunny Afternoon”

The Watch House

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. This morning we took a drive out to Lepe,¬†during a brief window of sunshine in a gradually gloomier day. Jackie dropped me off at the Watch House, from which I walked to the car park, alongside which, in theContinue reading “The Watch House”

A Blustery Day

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN CLUSTERS GIVE ACCESS TO GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. On a day of winds fit to threaten lingering autumn leaves like those on our crab apples, Jackie drove us to our GP surgery at Milford on Sea for our flu jabs (influenza vaccines). Down at theContinue reading “A Blustery Day”

Frolicking On The Beach

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. There are many long-stayers in the garden this year. ¬†One of the most amazing is the sweet pea. This morning Jackie drove us to Steamer Point and back. On a wall outside one of the houses near the cliff, a lad perches to get a good viewContinue reading “Frolicking On The Beach”

Sea Flowers

This morning I made a start on reading ‘Madame Bovary’. Later, in a successful bid to avoid the rain, I walked down to The Splash and back via the church footpath. The sunshine and showers nature of the day and the speed of the wind produced ever-changing skies, bright blue clouding over in white andContinue reading “Sea Flowers”