A Virtual Tour

There follows the missing post from 15th January 2019 We will be without internet until the faulty router is repaired. This is because the loaned device does not work. Now that I know that EE was bought by BT in 2016, I understand why their customer care is on a par with that of theirContinue reading “A Virtual Tour”

Not Cold Enough

Perhaps it was the very light overnight frost that led the blackbirds to investigate the neglected crab apples in the front garden. This one turned its back on them and considerately stayed just long enough for me to photograph it. We still have plenty of colour in our plot. There are winter flowering plants suchContinue reading “Not Cold Enough”

An Assignation

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, ANY MEMBER OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN ITS PAGE AND CHECKING THE BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Before getting stuck into the ironing, I played for time by wandering around the garden with my camera. Some tulips and daffodils wereContinue reading “An Assignation”

Waiting For The Dilation

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY A wander round the garden this morning yielded spears of crocosmia, tulips, and daffodils piercing the soil; crocuses opened further; and varieties of primula. Daphne Odorata remains wary of the possibility of a cold spell. The winter flowering clematis Cirrhosa now cascades downContinue reading “Waiting For The Dilation”

Mad Max

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED It was finger-tingling cold when Jackie continued her winter planting on this sun-bright  morning and I photographed some still lingering blooms. Outside the kitchen door pelargoniums, petunias, and erigeron vie for space. More pelargoniums, some with autumnal plumage, as in this urn shared with verbenas, continue toContinue reading “Mad Max”

The End Of British Summer Time

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Aaron was so pleased with our John Cook sculpture of him that he asked for a photograph. Naturally I printed him a copy of each of those that appeared in ‘A Particularly Strong Clue’. Among other tasks today, he strengthened the new recycled gates arbour, under whichContinue reading “The End Of British Summer Time”

A.P. Maintenance

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CLICKING THE RELEVANT BOX. In the garden this morning, envious of the attention given to the daffodils yesterday, many other plants clamoured to be photographed. Readers may have noticed a hyacinth lurking among the daffodils.Continue reading “A.P. Maintenance”

Ever-Changing Skies

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. THE INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPH NEEDS JUST A CLICK. Aaron of A.P. Maintenance has recently completed the last section of fencing, and reorganised the compost bins. Today, he and his nephew Rory took away some of the resultant rubbish. This photographContinue reading “Ever-Changing Skies”

Emulating The Master

On another dull morning my matinal amble around the garden was again brightened by Jackie’s fresh planting. She has filled the first window box on the front wall with primulas, more of which, in pots, she has placed ready for insertion into the new bed, further built up by Aaron, that was once the compostContinue reading “Emulating The Master”

From Erotic To Gothic

Having admired Mario Vargas Llosa’s epic tale , The War of The End of The World’, I decided to embark upon another of his works. This time I chose a slighter book, the elegant and gentle piece of erotica ‘In Praise of the Stepmother’. Very well written, the tale was ultimately a considerable disappointment. The first bookContinue reading “From Erotic To Gothic”