Find The Moth

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today was overcast and unseasonably hot and humid. I cut the grass and had a wander around the garden. Many of our plants linger on, refusing to accept the advent of autumn. We still have blooming clematises. Although the leaves of the weeping birch are beginning to colourContinue reading “Find The Moth”

A Trio Of Flamenco Dresses

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Watering and dead heading were the orders of the garden today. For the first time, I availed myself of the Head Gardener’s dead heading trolley. This is basically an adapted IKEA sack barrow. The slot for secateurs has been obscured by the contents of the bucket ofContinue reading “A Trio Of Flamenco Dresses”

A Nature Lesson

CLICK ON IMAGES FOR ENLARGEMENT. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. On another overcast morning Jackie and I tidied up the garden with secateurs and broom while Aaron and Sean completed the building of the log shelter. Later, Jackie did some more planting and pruning as I carted clippings and branches to the compost and dump bags. This afternoon I returnedContinue reading “A Nature Lesson”

The Death Of The Heart

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENHANCE. REPET IF REQUIRED Today, I have been mostly watering plants. Nicotiana now soars aloft. Several of our clematises, such as Diversifolia Hendersonii and Queen Mother in the front garden, and Duchess of Albany on the Rose Garden pergola bear hats of invisible pixies frolicking and turning somersaults in the sunshine. This lily hasContinue reading “The Death Of The Heart”

Orange Symphony

Kimber’s carpet fitters made an excellent job this morning of installing our new stairs and landing carpet. Much of the day was spent exchanging e-mails with partners in two different joint projects. One thread was with Paul, who is finalising the flyer for the exhibition at The First Gallery. Here are a few further suggestions of printsContinue reading “Orange Symphony”

Confusion For Flora And Fauna

Jackie continued with general garden maintenance today. Here she applies anti-vine weevil solution to all her many heucheras. As became clear last year, there is no defined boundary between us and the empty North Breeze next door. In particular, that at the front is concocted from self seeded trees, rotting planks of wood, and whatContinue reading “Confusion For Flora And Fauna”