Seeking The Shot

A chill wind belied the sunny periods today. This morning Jackie continued with her general garden maintenance, including pruning, while I dug more weeds out of the Gazebo path gravel. I can just about manage this for half an hour, but imagine the exercise is doing me good. Crouching is now possible; it is risingContinue reading “Seeking The Shot”

The Fox And Hare

On a sun-bright, but still chilly, breezy, morning we took a drive to the east of the forest. Jackie parked the Modus on the verge of Sowley Lane and decanted me and my camera. Ponies shared the broad verge pasturage with basking cattle, one of whom looked askance at me when I photographed her feet.Continue reading “The Fox And Hare”


It was a shame that we were only due sunshine and lack of rain this morning, because I needed to be at home for the Openreach engineer engaged by BT. I won’t dwell on this, but, although the man turned up on time the problem is not resolved. It didn’t help that he hadn’t beenContinue reading “Raindrops”

Rockford End

This morning I made my final cut of the Everton Festival Photographic Competition with the subject of The New Forest. I am grateful to all those of you who contributed to the debate about my submissions. The ‘Happy Thatchers’ was a clear favourite. Although they were very popular I have reluctantly excluded those of sunbeamsContinue reading “Rockford End”

Fill Your Boots

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Early this morning Jackie drove me to New Hall Hospital for a Pre-Admission Clinical appointment. This was a most thorough and efficient physical check involving all the usual blood tests, etc., including an ECG. I seem to have passed. There followed various questionnaires for which Jackie wasContinue reading “Fill Your Boots”

An Early Post Box

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. A couple of days ago Jackie made a new sign for The Dragon Bed, and left a photograph on my camera. Paul and Margery made a brief visit at lunchtime in order to deliver a birthday present ordered from their last exhibition. Both were looking in fineContinue reading “An Early Post Box”

Snaffled By A Swan

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Playing Bookworm with Malachi commenced at 6.30 a.m. today. Thus the morning was whiled away. This afternoon Jackie drove me and the children to Hatchet Pond to feed the birds on prawn crackers. We just had time to disembark from the car before the sky darkened, severeContinue reading “Snaffled By A Swan”

A Christmas Rehearsal

On a dull, blustery, yet mild, morning I took a stroll along Hordle Lane to Apple Court House and back. Bordering the drive to the house bergenia and primulas are blooming, on this, our shortest day of the year. A motionless long-eared owl, no doubt on the lookout for small mammals, perches atop the newly, beautifully, thatched roofContinue reading “A Christmas Rehearsal”