The Chicks Have Hatched

One of the consequences of moving house is the need to wonder where to put things. This is very helpful in encouraging one to complete unfinished organisational tasks begun years ago. In about 2008/9, when living in Sutherland Place, I discovered that some of my books and slide boxes had been damaged by damp. The colour slidesContinue reading “The Chicks Have Hatched”

‘You Do Get About Don’t You?’

Although still rather windy, the morning after the storm dawned bright and sunny. On a springlike day rooks cawed on the wing and smaller birds sang in the trees or squabbled, flapping, in the bushes as the females fled the males. Water still poured off the fields and trickled down the gullies or roared intoContinue reading “‘You Do Get About Don’t You?’”


The landscape after the deluge was pretty waterlogged today, but the light was bright and clear, giving us beautiful skies. Apart from a diversion to Acres Down, my walk took the form of a roughly drawn ampersand.  I turned right at Minstead Hall, left down to the ford, right at the ford, through Fleetwater to AcresContinue reading “Obstacles”